Emirates set to recruit 5,000 new cabin crew in 2024

Emirates cabin crew members.
Photo Credit: Emirates

With 2024 heralding the arrival of its state-of-the-art Airbus A350 fleet, UAE national carrier Emirates is undertaking a wide scale global cabin crew recruitment.

This recruitment initiative will target 5,000 new joiners, with the airline inviting graduates and young professionals worldwide to apply.

The planned intake will essentially boost existing cabin crew numbers by 25%.

An International Callout

Emirates has put out a call to individuals at the threshold of their careers, extending an invitation to fresh graduates, those with internships or part-time job experiences, and individuals with a passion for a dynamic career that spans the globe.

Joining Emirates means becoming part of the world’s largest international airline, an iconic brand, and an opportunity to acquire hospitality and life skills from the industry’s best trainers.

What sets this recruitment apart is not just the sheer scale of it but the promise of a global adventure.


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Emirates cabin crew members traverse more than 140 cities in 76 countries, reaping the full spectrum of benefits that come with being part of this prestigious airline.

Interested parties can click here to explore the eligibility criteria and set the journey in motion.

Photo Credit: Emirates

Recruitment on a Global Stage

In 2024, Emirates is casting its recruitment net far and wide. With open days and assessments planned in over 460 cities across six continents, the initiative mirrors the vast expanse of the airline’s network and the diversity within its cabin crew team.

These events not only symbolize career opportunities but also champion the allure of living and working in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Emirates’ commitment to expansion is evident in its recruitment numbers.

In 2023, the airline welcomed a staggering 8,000 cabin crew members, holding recruitment events in 353 cities. As of August 2023, the cabin crew strength exceeded 20,000, now standing proudly at 21,500.

New Horizons with New Fleet

The recruitment surge aligns with Emirates’ eagerly awaited A350s, set to join the fleet from mid-year, followed by the Boeing 777-Xs in 2025.

With 65 A350s and a mix of 205 777-9s and 777-8s on order, the new aircraft herald an era of expanded reach and flexibility for adding new routes to the network.

The comprehensive eight-week training for new starters covers hospitality, safety, and service standards at Emirates’ advanced facility in Dubai.

Photo Credit: Emirates

Beyond the technicalities, the training instills communication finesse, initiative, and leadership qualities.

The carrier aims to turn out a cadre of professionals equipped to handle the demands of a multicultural team, ensuring top-notch service under pressure.

The testimonials of new joiners speak volumes. Ane Monego Castagna from Italy shares, “Thanks to Emirates, the life I live today is better than anything I have ever dreamed of.”

Robyn Clark from the UK echoes the sentiment, “Working for Emirates is a job like no other.”

Multicultural Unity

Emirates boasts a multicultural cabin crew, representing 140 nationalities and speaking 130 languages.

This diversity ensures passengers always encounter a warm, friendly voice in their own language. Lifelong friendships and close-knit bonds within the community foster better teamwork, a shared sense of purpose, and a unified service philosophy.

Career Progression

Emirates doesn’t just offer a job; it offers a career path. Cabin crew members experience excellent career progression, with opportunities to upgrade to higher cabin classes, become cabin supervisors, pursers, or trainers.

Currently, the airline boasts 1,180 pursers who ascended the career ladder through rigorous training and assessments.

Beyond the wings, Emirates’ cabin crew lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle in vibrant Dubai, rubbing shoulders with individuals from 200 nationalities.

The perks are not just confined to tax-free salaries and flying pay; they extend to profit share, hotel stays, layover expenses, concessional travel, annual leave, furnished accommodation, and comprehensive medical, life, and dental insurance.

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