Emirates secures exclusive lounge space at Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

Interior view of exclusive Emirates lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.
Photo Credit: Emirates

As the peak summer season arrives for aviation in the northern hemisphere, Emirates has managed to secure a deal with Extime in Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG).

The deal has provided Emirates with an exclusive, dedicated lounge for Emirates customers flying out of Terminal 1 at the airport.

The reason behind the deal is due to Terminal 2 currently being renovated, which prior to the renovation, was Emirates’ home at Paris CDG.

This new dedicated lounge will allow passengers flying with Emirates, a temporary but classy space before jetting off to Dubai, whilst renovation continues at T2.

The renovation of T2 is expected to be completed during 2024 meaning customers wont have to wait long, before they get to step foot into a brand new and sparkling Emirates lounge.

The Paris CDG T1 lounge details

In total the lounge will have 155 seats, feature indoor and outdoor spaces and of course Emirates’ incredible selection of food and beverage.

Emirates estimates to serve around 190 customers a day through the 3 daily flights it operates between CDG and Dubai.

Photo Credit: Emirates


As part of the wide range of food and drink available in the lounge, Emirates will serve many French menu favourites such as Croque-Monsieur, crepes and French financier. In addition, many international dishes will also be on the menu including, Salmon Tikka, Fish Tajin, Butter Chicken and Beef Stroganoff.

The lounge will have a bright and airy bistro feel as stated by Emirates in a press release. The lounge also features wood and leather accents complimented with a backdrop of warm white tones, green topiary and contemporary light fixtures.

Furthermore, the lounge will include showers and washrooms, so passengers can freshen up before their long flight ahead.

Some other features include, complimentary Wi-Fi, live news feeds and a large array of alcoholic beverages to choose from, which are served from 6am till 9:30pm.

Reaffirming its commitment to providing high quality service

Emirates for many years now has been known to provide high quality service to its customers and this latest move to secure a new and temporary lounge at CDG whilst their new one is renovated, shows that commitment to their customers here.

CDG is one of Emirates’ key European destinations, having served the french capital for 32 years now, starting back in 1992. Nowadays the airline operates 3 daily flights, showing the popularity for flying between the two cities.

As for Paris Charles De Gaulle’s renovation plans, the airport intends on extending and modernising the airport for the years to come. This in turn will allow for a better passenger experience come completion in 2024.

In addition, the renovation will allow for the airport to accomodate more passengers and take on more air traffic per year. This will further enable the airport to hit the 80million passengers per year mark next year and climb its way up the busiest airports in the world list.

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By Lewis Chesworth 4 Min Read
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