Emirates marks a decade of Milan-New York services

An Emirates Airbus A380 on the tarmac in celebration of Milan-New York flights.
Photo Credit: Emirates

UAE national carrier Emirates has proudly celebrated a decade of direct flight services between Milan and New York.

Since its launch in 2013, this daily flight has connected the two vibrant commercial and tourism hubs, creating a significant impact on both Italy and the United States.

The iconic route has had a profound influence on trade, tourism, and the economies of both nations.

A Decade of Connection

In the past ten years, Emirates has played a pivotal role in connecting Milan, the “Fashion Capital of the World,” with New York, the most visited city in the United States.

This daily flight has provided a seamless link between these two bustling metropolises, facilitating over 6,000 flights in both directions.

The result? A vital bridge that has not only met the underserved demand for travel but has also contributed significantly to trade and tourism.


Cargo Uplift and Economic Impact

Emirates’ Milan to New York flights have been instrumental in uplifting more than 37,000 tonnes of cargo, benefitting both nations.

Italy has exported a diverse range of goods, from apparel and food items to exquisite jewelry, while the United States has sent apparel, textiles, spare parts, and chemicals across various industries.

Annually, Emirates SkyCargo, the airline’s freight division, facilitates the movement of almost 4,000 tonnes of cargo between these two economic powerhouses.

Seamless Connectivity

With daily operations, Emirates ensures convenient connections for Italian diasporas, students, business travelers, and tourists traveling between Italy and the United States.

This route is particularly popular among travelers flying from Italy to New York, providing onward access to destinations with a significant Italian diaspora presence.

Additionally, Emirates offers enhanced connectivity for U.S. travelers, enabling seamless connections to Milan and over 140 global destinations within the Emirates network.

Photo Credits: Emirates

A World of Sponsorships

Emirates goes beyond air travel to connect both communities to the world through an extensive sponsorship portfolio, spanning football, rugby, tennis, golf, and more.

In Italy, Emirates has established a long-standing partnership with AC Milan, making its mark in the local sports scene with sponsorships like the ATP Tour, Rugby World Cup, and UAE Team Emirates.

In the United States, the airline continues its commitment to the local community with major tennis sponsorships, including the prestigious US Open and support for 60 other tournaments worldwide.

These sponsorships reflect Emirates’ dedication to sports and its role in fostering community connections.

Beyond Milan and New York

While the Milan to New York route is a standout, Emirates also operates two additional transatlantic flights connecting Athens and Newark and linking Mexico City with Barcelona.

These routes further enhance connectivity between Europe and the Americas, expanding Emirates’ reach and influence.

Emirates in the U.S.

Emirates began its journey in the United States with its inaugural flight to New York JFK in 2004.

Since then, the airline has steadily expanded its services, now connecting its hub city of Dubai with 12 U.S. points, including Boston Logan International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and Miami International Airport.

 With 96 weekly flights, Emirates offers a gateway to the world for travelers in the United States.

Onboard Emirates flights from the U.S., passengers can savor regionally-inspired cuisine and beverages.

Whether traveling on a Boeing 777 or A380 aircraft, a diverse range of dining options awaits. Entertainment is equally impressive, with over 2,000 movies, including Hollywood releases, and access to popular streaming content from HBO Max and discovery+.

Emirates in Italy

Emirates’ Italian presence dates back to 1992 when it launched services to Rome. Subsequently, Milan, Venice, and Bologna joined its network in 2000, 2007, and 2015, respectively.

Currently, the airline operates 42 weekly flights between Dubai and all four Italian gateways, served by a mix of Boeing 777s and Airbus A380s.

Passengers traveling to and from Italy on Emirates can immerse themselves in a wide range of Italian content, including movies, music, and more, adding an extra layer of comfort and familiarity to their journey.

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