Emirates honours the 52nd UAE National Day

An array of sweets on Emirates UAE National Day flights.
Photo Credit: Emirates

As the 52nd UAE National Day approaches on December 2, Emirates is set to commemorate this momentous occasion in a truly special way.

UAE National Day recognises the day in 1971 that the former Trucial States came together to form the nation.

Passengers departing from Dubai will be treated to an array of Emirati-inspired delights, making their journey an unforgettable celebration of unity and heritage.

A Sweet Welcome Onboard

Emirates, known for its exceptional service, is bringing the spirit of the UAE National Day onboard. All classes departing from Dubai will receive a delightful Emirati-inspired sweet treat presented in a charming mini gift box.

The aircraft’s interior will be illuminated in the vibrant colors of the UAE flag, creating an atmosphere of national pride.


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First and Business Class: Indulge in a delectable duo of date tart with vanilla cream and saffron profiterole.

Premium Economy and Economy: Delight in gers ogaily, a mini cake infused with saffron, cardamom, and rose water.

An Emirates A380 in flight.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Emirates Lounges

Emirates Lounges in Dubai are set to offer a gastronomic journey through Emirati cuisine.

First Class Lounges

Customers can savor the rich flavors of traditional Emirati chicken machbous, followed by an irresistible selection of desserts, including karak profiteroles, Umm Ali spheres, lommie kabeese cheesecake, and Emirati luqaimat with dates syrup and pistachio sauce.

Quench your thirst with the Al Qahwa-Tini mocktail, a tantalizing blend of coffee, dates syrup, and pistachio powder.

Business Class Lounges

Guests can relish Emirati style lamb ouzi with mint raitha and dakkus, along with Emirati chicken machbous.

The Al Shay Butuqal mocktail, combining rose and vanilla tea with orange and elderflower, promises a refreshing experience.

Indulge in Arabic coffee delice, loomi and rose profiteroles, gers ogaily cardamom sesame financiers, and burnt gahwa chocolate tarts.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to the Emirates ice-cream cart, offering homemade flavors like Halwa and Arabic coffee.

In-Flight Entertainment

Emirates takes pride in offering an immersive in-flight entertainment experience, especially tailored for the UAE National Day celebration.

Passengers can enjoy award-winning ice and explore a curated selection of Emirati movies and TV shows.

Emirati Movies

Dive into the rich cultural tapestry with films like Khorfakkan, Ghost, Bezat, 218: Behind The Walls of Silence, Nahs X Large, Kayf Tasmaony Ajeb, Safar Edtirary, Shaghaltna Arjantenia, Al Meares, Khalek Shanab 2, and Behind The Scenes.

Arabic TV

Enlighten yourself with My Story, a docudrama series inspired by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s book.

Immerse in Al Mtwassf – proverbs about the UAE, explore Al Sanaa’, a show delving into local culture and traditions, or enjoy Al Kaboos – a series about legends and folklore in the UAE.

Shopping in the Skies: EmiratesRED

For those looking to take home a piece of the celebration, EmiratesRED offers an exclusive opportunity to shop for a limited edition Zinvo Air Blade 50 Years Anniversary Edition Automatic Watch.

Priced at $199.00, this sleek timepiece pays homage to the UAE flag with its matte black design, green and red-colored hands, and a 12 o’clock emblem in white. The back of the watch features an engraved and enameled flag, symbolizing the UAE’s national day.

EmiratesRED pre-order is available on most flights, allowing customers to shop 21 days to 40 hours before their flight.

Explore a wide range of exclusive products, some of which are not available onboard. Provide your flight details during checkout, and your orders will be delivered by the cabin crew directly to your seat inflight.

At the Emirates Official Store, customers can also browse a range of UAE National Day merchandise including a white cap with UAE flag calligraphy design on the peak, scarves, lapel pins and keyrings.

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