Emirates Expands Scheduling Ahead of Eid al Fitr

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Emirates will be expanding its schedules across the region with 19 additional flights during the upcoming Eid Al Fitr holiday period.

Marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Eid al Fitr is expected to begin on 10 April.

To accommodate the surge in travel expected during Eid al Fitr, Emirates has proactively added flights from Jeddah, Kuwait, Beirut, and Amman.

This move comes in anticipation of welcoming over 150,000 passengers on board across the region during the festive period.

Eid al Fitr with Emirates

As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, Emirates is gearing up to help travelers celebrate Eid al Fitr. 19 additional flights are scheduled across the region during the holiday period.

This simplifies travel for those connecting with loved ones or simply exploring exciting destinations.

Eid al Fitr, expected to begin on April 10th, marks a joyous occasion for families and communities. This year, Emirates anticipates welcoming over 150,000 passengers onboard to share in the festivities.

Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft in front of concourse A at Dubai Airport
Photo Credits: Emirates
  • Jeddah: For those seeking a quick getaway, Emirates offers seven additional flights departing between April 7th and 13th.

Popular destinations include Dubai, the international hub of travel and commerce; London, a vibrant city steeped in history and culture.

The Maldives, a haven of pristine beaches and turquoise waters offers another option. Colombo, a bustling metropolis rich in Sri Lankan heritage, and Karachi, a city offering a glimpse into Pakistan also beckon.

  • Kuwait: Emirates understands the importance of family reunions during Eid. Six additional flights will operate from April 7th to 20th.

This caters to the surge in demand for destinations like Bangkok, a city known for its captivating temples and markets.

Osaka, a city offering a unique blend of traditional and modern experiences, and Chennai, a cultural melting pot showcasing the beauty of South India also await.

Hyderabad, a historical city known for its majestic palaces and mouth watering cuisine; Sialkot, a center for Pakistani industry and craftsmanship. Finally, Peshawar, a historic city brimming with ancient bazaars and rich cultural heritage.

  • Amman & Beirut: To accommodate the increased passenger traffic during Eid, Emirates is adding four and two additional flights to Amman and Beirut, respectively. This allows families and friends based in these locations to celebrate together more easily.

Expanded Service to Bahrain

Starting May 2nd, Emirates will offer 22 weekly flights to Bahrain, reflecting the growing demand for travel to and from this dynamic kingdom.

A Culinary Celebration on Board

Emirates takes pride in its Middle Eastern heritage, and that extends to your Eid al Fitr experience. Passengers departing from Dubai will be treated to a specially crafted Eid menu, featuring an array of traditional favorites.

Savor the rich flavors of chicken biryani, a fragrant rice dish with marinated chicken; lamb kibbeh labanieh, a melt-in-your-mouth combination of ground lamb, bulgur wheat, and yogurt; and machbous, a flavorful stew often featuring meat and vegetables.

To complete the festive culinary journey, indulge in a decadent vanilla and rose mousse cake, a delightful fusion of sweet and floral flavors.

A World of Entertainment

Emirates is well known for its high-quality inflight entertainment offerings. Whether you’re traveling long distances or simply hopping between regional hubs, Emirates’ inflight entertainment system, ice, will keep you entertained throughout your Eid journey.

With up to 6,500 channels of on-demand entertainment, including over 2,000 movies, there’s something for everyone.

Movie buffs can enjoy a wide selection of films, with a special focus on Arabic content during Eid. Over 100 Arabic films are available, including new releases like Amakor, El Saf El Akheer, and Al Masafa wa Sefr.

For those seeking TV shows, 46 channels offer Arabic series, ranging from light-hearted comedies like Chef Bel Beit and Lo’bat Al Hayah to the gripping dramas found on Shahid, a popular streaming platform.

Looking for something different? Immerse yourself in the world of Arabic podcasts and audiobooks with 15 dedicated channels.

Religious travelers can access The Holy Quran, and music lovers can explore over 500 channels of Arabic music, catering to diverse tastes with pop, classics, Khaleeji, Maghrebi, and Arabic fusion genres available.

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