Emirates Enters Deeper Collaboration with Icelandair and GO7

CEOs of Emirates, Icelandair and GO7.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Emirates, Icelandair, and travel technology specialist GO7 have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) to strengthen their collaboration. This partnership aims to expand network access, streamline travel experiences, and offer competitive fares.

The latest move comes as the airlines look to leverage each other’s networks for mutual benefit. This will include using modern tools for more efficient combined air and rail ticket connections.

Simplifying the Travel Experience

The collaboration allows passengers to leverage the combined networks of all three entities. The benefit is a wider range of connections and destinations for airline customers.

This translates to greater travel flexibility and opens doors to new exploration opportunities.

Through this partnership, Emirates will offer combined air and rail tickets through a single platform.

This eliminates the need to navigate separate booking systems and simplifies baggage check-in. This creates a seamless travel experience for passengers who choose to combine air and rail options.

An Icelandair Boeing 737 lines up on the runway.
MarcelX42, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The partnership between Emirates and Icelandair will involve a codeshare agreement, providing convenient access. This will apply to Reykjavik (REK) for passengers connecting to Emirates gateways in Europe.

Passengers will benefit from single-ticket travel, competitive fares, and streamlined baggage check-in across various destinations.

Adnan Kazim, Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer, Emirates Airline said: “We are pleased to deepen our partnerships with Icelandair and GO7.”

“Their networks and intermodal capabilities complement our European presence, providing an array of connections for our customers to simplify their journeys.”

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About GO7

GO7 represents a new approach to travel technology, united by a core belief to give control back to airlines. 

Its integrated solutions cover OMS, Distribution, and Retail, featuring a flexible architecture that effortlessly adapts to airlines’ requirements.

Complemented by its Airline Operator Certificate and IATA Clearing House Membership, GO7 offers a holistic approach to airline distribution. Currently, nearly 200 airlines leverage the GO7 platform.

Peer Winter, Chief Distribution Officer, GO7 explains the benefits. “This partnership will provide a holistic approach for Emirates, enabling them to offer a stronger presence through their direct channels.”

“Passengers will be able to complete their journeys seamlessly with multiple airlines and rail operators through a single ticket, bypassing traditional industry channels,” he explained.

About Icelandair

Bogi Nils Bogason, Icelandair president and CEO said: “Emirates will become Icelandair’s 7th global airline codeshare partner.”

“We have and will continue to expand our network of partner airlines, focusing on working with airlines that offer great service and connectivity.

With an extensive route network, Icelandair uses the unique geographical location of Iceland as a hub midway between Europe and North America offering direct flights to more than 50 destinations. 

Additional to the international route network, Icelandair operates a domestic network in Iceland, an airfreight and logistics business as well as aircraft leasing and consulting services.

Since its foundation in 1937, Icelandair has steadily expanded its route network and, in 2023, transported 4.3 million passengers to 55 destinations in Europe and North America, employed around 3,600 full-time employees and generated total revenue of USD 1.5 billion.


Codeshare flights will become available once necessary approvals are obtained and will be accessible through online and travel agency platforms.

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