Emirates commemorates 30 years of flight services to Oman

An Emirates flight receives a water cannon salute on arrival at Muscat, Oman.
Photo Credit: Emirates

UAE national flag carrier Emirates is commemorating 30 years of exceptional service to Muscat, Oman. Since its inaugural flight in 1993, Emirates has played a pivotal role in connecting travelers to and from the Sultanate, serving as a gateway to 140 global destinations.

Emirates has now carried over 4.8 million passengers on more than 37,200 flights, since its first Oman fight service.

Evolution of Emirates’ operations in Oman

Emirates embarked on its journey in Oman with a Boeing 777-200 aircraft, operating four weekly services. In 2019, the airline made history by launching the world’s shortest scheduled A380 flight, covering a distance of 340 kilometers each way between Dubai and Muscat.

This milestone enabled passengers to experience Emirates’ iconic products and services firsthand, setting a new standard for travel between the two cities.

Global trade through Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo, the cargo division of Emirates, has played a crucial role in facilitating global trade. Over the years, it has transported more than 155,000 tonnes of cargo to international markets, making significant contributions to the Omani economy.

By exporting key local goods, such as garments’ threads to Amman, Nairobi, and Pakistan, as well as fresh produce like fish, beans, and vegetables to various destinations across Europe and the US, Emirates SkyCargo has demonstrated its commitment to supporting Omani businesses.


Additionally, seasonal fresh beans have been successfully exported to Japan, further enhancing trade opportunities.

Emirates’ contribution to Oman’s workforce development

Emirates has not only connected Oman to the world but also created numerous career opportunities for Omanis.

The Emirates Group currently employs over 40 Omanis in diverse roles, including cabin crew, pilots, Emirates Engineering, Emirates Airport Services, and Airport Operations.

Remarkably, half of these employees have been with the Emirates Group for more than a decade, showcasing the airline’s dedication to talent cultivation and the provision of world-class expertise.

By nurturing local talent and offering a wide range of development prospects, Emirates has made a significant impact on Oman’s employment landscape.

Fahad Al Hassawi’s commitment to Oman

Fahad Al Hassawi, the Country Manager Oman at Emirates, expressed his gratitude towards the Sultanate and emphasized the nation’s importance as a crucial market for Emirates.

Al Hassawi highlighted that Oman has provided flexible connections through Dubai, enabling passengers and air freight to access the wider world seamlessly.

Throughout the last three decades, Emirates has consistently strived to bring more choice, comfort, and luxury to over 4.8 million travelers to and from Oman.

Al Hassawi also acknowledged the deployment of the world’s shortest A380 flight as a testament to the airline’s commitment to the country and expressed excitement for the future, affirming Emirates’ dedication for the next 30 years.

Unmatched service onboard Emirates flights

Emirates is renowned for its commitment to providing an extraordinary travel experience for its passengers. Onboard, travelers can indulge in a full-service offering, which includes regionally inspired gourmet meals meticulously crafted to tantalize the taste buds.

Passengers can also enjoy over 6,500 channels of on-demand entertainment through the airline’s award-winning inflight entertainment system, ice.

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