Emirates celebrates UAE National Day with a double flypast

An Emirates A380 does a low level flypast at the Dubai 7s event.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Just five days after Emirates marked the UAE’s milestone achievements in space exploration, the airline has taken to the skies again this time performing a spectacular National Day flypast during the Emirates Dubai 7s.

A380 Low Level Display

Just five days after celebrating the UAE’s achievements in space exploration, the iconic Emirates A380 took to the skies in a spectacular National Day flypast during the Emirates Dubai 7s.

At precisely 3.43 pm local time, the mammoth flagship A380, flying at a breath-taking altitude of 500 feet, graced the main pitch.

Sporting Emirates’ new signature livery, the low-level display left thousands of spectators in awe. Led by UAE National Captain Mubarak Al Mheiri, Deputy Chief Pilot, and supported by Captain Ricky Garala and Captain Philippe Lombet, the Airbus A380 performed a mesmerizing display.

Captain Mubarak Al Mheiri, with 18 years of experience with Emirates, skillfully piloted the flight.

This marked his eighth celebratory flypast, showcasing his dedication to the airline and his impressive track record, which includes leading the opening for the 2023 Dubai Air Show and National Day festivities for the past three years.


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Emirates Dubai 7s

Emirates Dubai 7s stands as the biggest and longest-running sports and entertainment festival in the Middle East. The 2023 edition, attended by over 100,000 people, has become one of the most popular events on the Dubai calendar.

This year’s tournament, evolving alongside the vibrant UAE sport and fitness community, featured over 500 rugby, netball, cricket, and fitness teams.

Notably, Padel joined the line-up, adding an exciting dynamic to the festival.

The Emirates Dubai 7s expanded its offerings, introducing the Shaded Garden—a boho festival chill zone—and the Kids Stage, providing family-friendly fun. The event has transformed into a holistic experience, catering to sports enthusiasts and families alike.

Emirates: A Rugby Powerhouse

From the skies to the pitch, Emirates solidifies its position as one of the world’s foremost supporters of rugby.

The airline recently concluded a successful 2023 Rugby World Cup in France as the Official Worldwide Partner, maintaining its commitment to the sport since 2007.

Emirates extends its support locally, partnering with entities like the Dubai Hurricanes and the UAE Rugby Federation.

For over five decades, the airline has played a pivotal role in elevating the profile of rugby in the UAE, fueled by the widespread popularity of the Emirates Dubai 7s.

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