Emirates Celebrates a Decade in Poland

Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

LONDON – Emirates has celebrated 10 years of flying its commercial operation to Poland. The first flight to Poland was flown in February 2013.

10 years in Poland…

Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

Since then the Dubai-based carrier has already transported more than 1.6 million passengers on the only sole flight to Poland the Dubai to Warsaw route, with more than 6,300 recorded between the two cities. Emirates flies to the Polish capital on a daily basis using its Boeing 777-300ER twin-jet aircraft. 

This year, 2023, Emirates is looking forward to celebrating a decade-long anniversary in Poland and points out that the year will look very optimistic and bright after three years of muted service due to the Covid pandemic.

Poland, though not a very large market for the airline, often triumphs over the German, British, and Swiss markets, for instance, Poland remains a consistent market for the Dubai carrier.

Emirates has been contributing to Poland’s air connectivity and the country’s economic and tourism growth for the past 10 years.

Maciej Pyrka, Country Manager of Emirates in Poland stated proudly: “The past decade is the motivation for us to continue on the path of providing the best quality services and maintaining the highest standards.”

Over the years, the airline has been flying to Warsaw which has not only supported but created new bilateral opportunities between Poland and the United Arab Emirates.

As of the time of writing, Emirates Group employs 600 Polish nationals. These 600 positions are cabin crew, pilots, and other well-respected professions across the company. Poles have long contributed to the airline’s successes.

Emirates’s Schedule to Dubai & Cargo Ops…

Photo Credit: Arash Abed/AviationSource

The daily flight to Warsaw takes off as EK179 which departs at 08:05 AM arriving in Warsaw at 11:20 AM local time. The return flight departs as EK180 at 1:25 PM and wheels down in Dubai at 10:45 PM. 

Not only commercial operations have been hailed a success. The airline’s cargo division has been performing exceptionally well.

Emirates SkyCargo operates to more than 140 destinations worldwide, which provides Polish and Emirati firms with the option to transport goods mutually in a seamless way. Emirates and Poland have never become more connected than ever. 

In fact, more than 83,000 tons of cargo have been transported between Dubai and Warsaw, which is very significant for businesses on both ends.

Emirates transported crucial goods, including, livestock, vaccines, electronics, medical equipment (PPE), automobile parts, and much more. 

Other Possible Routes Apart from Warsaw?

Warsaw is the only destination served by Emirates in Poland. There are multiple cities in Poland that could be tapped as future destinations by Emirates, including Gdansk and Wroclaw, but these destinations are better to be served with Emirates subsidiary, FlyDubai. FlyDubai already flies on a regular basis to the city of Krakow. 

Emirates Airlines has been assisting travelers from across the world to seamlessly to Poland via its mega hub in Dubai. Travelers from Africa, Australia, and South East Asia can now travel to Poland easily with Emirates Airlines.

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