Emirates celebrates 20 years of service in Ghana

Emirates cabin crew celebrate 20 years in Ghana
Photo Credit: Emirates

UAE flag carrier Emirates has celebrated two decades of flight services to Ghana this week.

From its inaugural flight in January 2004 to Kotoka International Airport in Accra using an A330-200 aircraft, the airline has become an integral part of Ghana’s economic and social fabric.

Connecting Ghana to the World

Emirates commenced its service in Ghana with three weekly flights in 2004 at Kotoka International Airport. Fast forward to today, the airline proudly operates a daily non-stop service between Accra and Dubai.

Over the past 20 years, Emirates has been the trusted bridge that facilitated the travel of over 2 million passengers between Accra and Dubai and beyond.

With close to 13,000 roundtrip flights covering an impressive 80.71 million kilometers, Emirates has not just connected two destinations; it has connected cultures, businesses, and dreams.

2018 Celebratory A380 Flight

In 2018, Emirates showcased its commitment with a special A380 flight for the launch of Ghana’s Terminal 3.

This commitment extends beyond frequency and distance; it’s about delivering an unparalleled customer experience.


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With an efficient fleet of 249 passenger aircraft, Emirates ensures award-winning comfort and service. The Boeing 777-300ER, operating from Accra, boasts a three-class layout, ensuring a premium experience for every traveler.

An Emirates Boeing 777-300ER takes off.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Connectivity Through Dubai Hub

Emirates, through its Dubai hub, offers a gateway to over 140 passenger and cargo destinations across six continents.

The airline’s extensive network acts as a catalyst for tourism and business, with popular outbound destinations including London, China, Canada, Delhi, Sydney, Singapore, and Istanbul.

As Emirates facilitates these global connections, Accra stands as a pivotal hub with feeder markets spanning from Melbourne and Perth to South Korea.

Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft in front of concourse A at Dubai Airport
Photo Credit: Emirates

Personalized Passenger Experience

Emirates also personalizes its inflight services on Ghana routes. From Ghanaian-inspired meals to a vast entertainment selection through its ice system, offering more than 6,500 channels, including movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, games, and audiobooks.

Premium class passengers and select Skywards members enjoy exclusive perks, including lounge access and chauffeur drive services, adding an extra layer of luxury to their journey.

Trade and Economic Development

Emirates has not only connected people but has also played a vital role in trade facilitation between Ghana and the world.

With Emirates SkyCargo, the airline’s cargo arm, acting as a backbone, it has uplifted more than 51,000 tonnes of cargo out of Ghana.

From fresh fruits and vegetables to precious metals, Emirates SkyCargo has been a key player in promoting trade lanes and stimulating economic development.

Support Beyond Borders

Emirates’ contributions extend beyond business to touch the heart of the community. Recognized with the Presidential Honour for Distinguished Service in 2023, Emirates became a beacon of hope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airlifting and distributing 62 tonnes of Covid-19 vaccine doses to Ghana, supporting the transport of equipment donated by China’s Jack Ma Foundation, and operating 12 repatriation flights, Emirates demonstrated its unwavering commitment to Ghana and its people.

A Shared Journey of Success

As Ghana holds a significant place in Emirates’ African story, the airline takes immense pride in the shared journey of the past two decades.

Whether facilitating trade, connecting families, showcasing Ghanaian cuisine, or empowering local businesses, Emirates has been a steadfast supporter and partner in Ghana’s success.

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