Emirates celebrates 15 years of operations to Los Angeles

An Emirates A380 in flight.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Emirates has marked 15 years of operations to Los Angeles, one of the busiest routes in its US network.

Since its inaugural flight to Los Angeles International Airport in 2008, Emirates has become an integral part of the city’s vibrant tapestry, connecting people, cultures, and businesses across the globe.

A Decade and a Half in LA

Emirates’ presence in Los Angeles is not just a testament to its longevity but a story of triumph, having carried over 3.5 million passengers on 12,000 flights during this period.

The airline’s commitment to facilitating both travel and trade is exemplified by the staggering 252,000 tonnes of cargo uplifted, fostering economic growth through seamless export and import of commodities.

Operating seven weekly flights on the Dubai-Los Angeles route, Emirates employs its iconic double-decker A380 aircraft.

This marvel of aviation technology not only accommodates up to 475 passengers but also boasts a bellyhold capable of carrying 15 tonnes of cargo.

Among the A380’s distinguished features is the newly launched Premium Economy class, adorned with 56 plush cream leather seats.


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This class offers passengers a generous recline, extended legroom, and an elevated dining experience, embodying Emirates’ commitment to passenger comfort and luxury.

An Emirates Airbus A380 in flight.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Global Connections: From Mumbai to Riyadh

Los Angeles, a city known for its diverse cultural tapestry, serves as a hub for travel to and from popular destinations like Mumbai, Delhi, Cairo, Karachi, and Riyadh.

The route caters to a diverse passenger demographic, ranging from leisure travelers and students pursuing education abroad to business and corporate executives.

The Los Angeles – Dubai route, in particular, witnesses a significant influx of travelers from the Armenian and Iranian diasporas, connecting with their roots and loved ones in Tehran and Yerevan.

Notably, the city’s status as the entertainment capital of the world ensures that Emirates’ premium cabins are frequented by celebrities from the film and music industries.

Cargo as the Economic Engine

Emirates’ role transcends passenger services; it is a vital facilitator of trade between Los Angeles and the world.

Through its cargo arm, Emirates SkyCargo, the airline has uplifted more than 154,000 tonnes of cargo, ranging from fresh berries to crucial aircraft parts and medical equipment.

Los Angeles, a global trade hub, witnesses commodities such as apparel, electronics, leather goods, and perishable items flowing through its gates, contributing to a staggering 98,000 tonnes over the 15-year period.

An Emirates aircraft is fuelled by a Shell Aviation tanker.
Photo Credit: Emirates

The Emirates Experience

As Emirates celebrates this remarkable milestone, its dedication to providing world-class services, comfort, and connectivity to Los Angeles remains unwavering.

The airline, synonymous with luxury, ensures that every passenger flying with Emirates experiences unparalleled comfort and indulgence.

Passengers on Emirates flights are typically treated to an exceptional culinary journey, with regionally-inspired multi-course menus crafted by a team of award-winning chefs.

The in-flight entertainment system, ice, offers more than 6,500 channels, featuring a carefully curated selection of movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, games, and audiobooks, ensuring passengers are entertained throughout their journey.

Premium class passengers and select Skywards members enjoy additional perks, including lounge access and chauffeur drive services before their flights in Los Angeles.

In Dubai, premium class customers can avail themselves of complimentary Chauffeur Drive services, adding an extra layer of convenience and luxury to their travel experience.

Lounge facilities at Dubai International airport further enhance the pre-flight experience, allowing passengers to relax or catch up on work before their onward journey.

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