Emirates celebrates 10 years of A380 operations to Mauritius

An Emirates A380 lands in Mauritius.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Emirates recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of its daily Airbus A380 service to the enchanting island of Mauritius.

This significant achievement is notable, as it positioned Mauritius as the first A380 destination in Africa when the service first took flight in 2013.

A Special Flight and a New Beginning

The commemoration took flight with a special one-off A380 flight in March 2013, coinciding with Mauritius’ 45th year of independence.

Subsequently, Emirates’ flight EK 701 touched down at SSR International Airport on 16 December, ushering in the commencement of the daily A380 service.

With over 500 passengers onboard, this marked the beginning of a decade-long journey that would see nearly 12,000 flights to and from this exotic island.

A Decade of Success

Over the course of ten years, Emirates operated these flights, carrying more than five million passengers on the world’s largest commercial aircraft.

The A380, equipped with Emirates’ signature inflight products and services, became an iconic symbol of luxury travel.


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Notably, within a year of its launch, owing to burgeoning demand, Emirates’ A380 operations evolved to a double-daily service in 2014.

This expansion not only increased seat capacity but also presented significant opportunities for the island’s thriving tourism industry.

Fishermen’s pirogues welcoming the Emirates A380 and its start of service to Mauritius, taken in 2013. Photo: Emirates

Longstanding Commitment to Mauritius

Emirates’ commitment to Mauritius traces further back to 2002 when the route was first inaugurated using a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

This commitment deepened over the years through partnerships with the Ministry of Tourism and Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, contributing significantly to the island’s economy and tourism agenda.

In 2013, the commitment materialized in the form of upgraded capacity with the introduction of the double-decker A380 aircraft.

Codeshare Partnership and Collaborative Success

Emirates’ enduring codeshare partnership with Air Mauritius, one of the longest in its history, has played a pivotal role in supporting the country’s tourism objectives.

This partnership enhances customer access to services, reflecting a joint commitment to elevating the travel experience for passengers.

Oomar Ramtoola, Emirates’ Manager for the Indian Ocean Islands, expressed, “Emirates’ A380 services to Mauritius have been a resounding success since the launch a decade ago.”

“Our double-daily operation has been a catalyst for the growth of the local tourism industry, creating jobs and benefiting the hospitality and tourism sector throughout the supply chain.”

Ramtoola added, “We seize this opportunity to thank the authorities for all the support extended to Emirates since 2002.”

“I also would like to thank the management of Air Mauritius, our codeshare partner on the Dubai-Mauritius route, for the successful relationship we continue to share.”

Honorable Steven Obeegadoo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, echoed the sentiments, stating,

“The deployment of the Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft on the Mauritius route ten years ago was a major step for Mauritius, which then joined the few destinations served by the flagship aircraft.”

“The Emirates A380 has set new levels of comfort and service in the air and, ten years after its first flight, remains a benchmark in the industry.”

Bringing the World to Mauritius

Top destinations and feeder markets for inbound and outbound travel relevant to Mauritius include points in France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Italy, and Middle East countries.

This connectivity has not only broadened the horizons for travelers but has also strengthened the global appeal of Mauritius as a destination.

A380 Experience

Passengers from Mauritius have embraced the Emirates A380 for its spacious and comfortable cabins. The airline’s signature products, such as the Onboard Lounge, have offered travelers an unparalleled experience in the sky.

Moreover, the award-winning inflight entertainment system, boasting over 6,500 channels of on-demand entertainment, ensures that every journey is memorable.

Mauritian travelers now enjoy access to Emirates’ meal preordering service. This innovative feature enables Business Class passengers to preselect their main course between 14 days and 24 hours before their flight departure.

Beyond ensuring preferred choices, this initiative also contributes to reducing food wastage—an eco-conscious step in modern air travel.

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