Emirates cabin crew numbers now 20,000-strong

Two Emirates cabin crew members in uniform.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Emirates’ cabin crew team recently crossed a milestone and are now 20,000-strong, as the airline continues to global cabin crew recruitment drive to meet its planned growth trajectory.

A Global Network

Emirates’ commitment to providing an unparalleled experience to its passengers is evident in its worldwide recruitment efforts.

Since 2022, the airline has orchestrated recruitment events across 340 cities on 6 continents, embracing the diversity that characterizes its cabin crew team and the myriad destinations it serves.

This global approach ensures that the Emirates experience resonates with travelers from all corners of the world.

Emirates staff pose at the Arabian Travel Market exhibition display
Photo Credit: Emirates

One of the most recognizable aspects of Emirates Airlines is the distinctive cabin crew uniform. Evolving over four iterations in three decades, the uniform has seamlessly blended the classic with the modern.

Even as designs have evolved, the iconic beige color has remained, a testament to the timeless elegance that the airline embodies. Notably, in 1997, the renowned Spanish designer Paco Rabanne left his mark on the uniform, adding a touch of his legendary creativity to the ensemble.


Stories of Dedication

Amidst the cabin crew, there are remarkable individuals who have become an integral part of Emirates’ history. These include the longest-serving cabin crew members—a male Emirati purser who embarked on this journey in 1987 and the longest-serving female cabin crew, who joined the airline’s ranks in 1994.

Their stories resonate with passion, commitment, and an unwavering love for their role in creating unforgettable experiences for passengers.

Photo Credit: Emirates

Moosa Mubarak, the Emirati Purser, shared his sentiments: “I’ve flown as Emirates’ cabin crew for 36 years on over 3,500 flights. Even now, after all these years, I’m always keen and excited to start my duty onboard.”

“Mentoring my crew colleagues and serving as an ambassador for Emirates and my country is what I am most proud of. I have had a long and successful career, incredible experiences, and have made mind-blowing memories doing exactly what I love.”

Embracing Diversity

With over 140 nationalities represented, speaking 130 languages, Emirates’ cabin crew is a true reflection of the world’s diversity.

The dynamic nature of the job, offering breathtaking views from 38,000 feet and the opportunity to explore different cities each week, provides an environment that nurtures and challenges the crew to reach their full potential.

The enduring appeal of the role and the integrity of the airline itself is perhaps evidenced by the long service history of many crew members.

Career Progression and Opportunities

Emirates Airlines fosters a culture of growth and progression. Cabin crew members have the chance to evolve from junior roles to higher positions, including cabin supervisors, trainers, and pursers.

The airline’s commitment to career development is demonstrated by over 1,100 pursers who have risen through the ranks after rigorous training and assessments.

Additionally, the crew benefits from the latest training programs, LinkedIn courses, and internal career opportunities within the Emirates Group.

Emirates’ pursuit of growth is evidenced by its global recruitment events spanning numerous cities throughout the year. Dubai, the airline’s hub, is a testament to cosmopolitan living, home to 200 nationalities and renowned for its safety, leisure activities, and vibrant food scene.

Cabin crew members are offered a competitive, tax-free salary, along with a range of benefits including profit share, hotel stays, concessional travel, and more.

Training and Experiences

Embarking on a journey as Emirates’ cabin crew is a transformative experience. The training process, spanning 8 weeks, instills the highest standards of hospitality, safety, and service delivery.

The state-of-the-art training facility in Dubai equips crew members with skills that extend far beyond their roles, as they engage with a diverse community and immerse themselves in new cultures and destinations across Emirates’ extensive network.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
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