Emirates Achieves IATA Environmental Certifications

A row of Emirates aircraft parked at terminal.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Emirates has underscored its dedication to environmentally responsible practices by successfully attaining both the IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) Stage One and the IEnvA Illegal Wildlife Trade module certifications.

These accomplishments further support Emirates’ longstanding environmental commitment to preserving wildlife and habitats.

The IEnvA Certification System

The IEnvA certification system stands as a pinnacle in the realm of environmental management. Emirates has completed Stage One of this comprehensive system, encompassing critical aspects such as flight operations, corporate activities, and a module dedicated to curbing illegal wildlife trade.

This underscores the airline’s pledge to environmental sustainability, ensuring a lasting impact on wildlife preservation and habitat conservation.

Emirates’ Divisional Senior VP of International Affairs, Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, expressed immense pride in achieving the IEnvA Stage One certification. This accomplishment not only highlights Emirates’ commitment to impactful environmental initiatives but also signals their dedication to combatting the trafficking and exploitation of wildlife.

These certifications align seamlessly with Emirates’ recent sustainability endeavors, including the implementation of a closed-loop recycling program and a milestone demonstration flight powered entirely by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

These initiatives, coupled with robust environmental management systems, illustrate Emirates’ commitment to driving tangible change within their operations and the aviation industry at large.


Marie Owens Thomsen, IATA’s Chief Economist and SVP of Sustainability, extended congratulations to Emirates for attaining the IEnvA Stage One certification.

 We look forward to working together with Emirates to achieve our common goal of reducing environmental impacts, fight against illegal wildlife trafficking and enhancing social responsibility,” Thomsen said.

A Stalwart Against Illegal Wildlife Trade

Emirates has consistently demonstrated leadership in the battle against illegal wildlife trafficking and exploitation.

The airline’s commitment extends to safeguarding the natural world’s beauty and biodiversity, serving as an inspiration for present and future generations of travelers.

Emirates’ participation as a founding signatory to the Buckingham Palace Declaration and their membership in the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, under the aegis of The Royal Foundation, further solidifies their role as a champion for wildlife protection.

Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo, the airline’s cargo division, maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal wildlife trade, including a complete prohibition on transporting hunting trophies from the Big-4.

This dedication transcends the cargo division, as wildlife awareness training is extended to employees in various passenger services, including Cabin Crew, Emirates Airport Services, and the Emirates Group Security team.

The IEnvA Illegal Wildlife Trade certification underscores the carriers all-encompassing commitment to taking decisive action against this global concern.

Collaborative Endeavors for Wildlife Protection

Ian Cruickshank, Transport Taskforce Manager for United for Wildlife, praised Emirates for their steadfast commitment to combating wildlife trafficking.

As a longstanding member of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, Emirates’ continuous efforts exemplify their resolute leadership.

This certification not only acknowledges their achievements but also sets the stage for ongoing collaboration to combat wildlife crime on a global scale.

Emirates’ dedication to sustainability is further exemplified by their recent commitment of US$200 million to research and development projects aimed at reducing the impact of fossil fuels in commercial aviation.

Spanning over three years, this substantial investment showcases the carrier’s dedication to finding innovative solutions to the aviation industry’s most pressing challenges.

By fostering partnerships with leading organizations, the airline is poised to play a pivotal role in driving positive change within the industry.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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