Emirates A380 makes return to Vienna service

Emirates A380 in flight
Photo Credit: Emirates.

Emirates has announced an upcoming operational change for its Vienna service, with the return of its flagship A380 to the route from Dubai.

From 21 February until the end of the winter flight schedule (30 March 2024), the flights EK127 and EK 128 which are currently operated by a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft will be upgraded to a three-class A380 aircraft.

EK127 & EK128 Dubai – Vienna

2024 has opened with the UAE carrier Emirates announces an aircraft upgrade for flights EK127 and EK128 from 21 February to the end of the winter flight schedule on 30 March 2024.

Emirates is orchestrating a travel symphony, swapping the current Boeing 777-300ER for a three-class A380 aircraft.

This operational move not only amplifies capacity but also unfolds further options for travelers embarking on the Dubai-Vienna route.

Emirates’ flagship, EK127, departs from Dubai at 08:55hrs, touching down in the Austrian capital at 12:25hrs.

The return leg, EK128, is scheduled to depart from Vienna at 15:10hrs, landing in Dubai at 23:40hrs. All times are local.


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An Emirates A380 takes off.
Photo Credit: Lufthansa Technik

Flagship Airbus A380

For Vienna-bound passengers, the revival of the Emirates A380 marks a return to unparalleled luxury.

The world’s largest passenger aircraft boasts First Class suites and shower spas, an onboard lounge, and a culinary journey featuring the best international and regionally inspired cuisine.

Dive into a captivating world of entertainment with the award-winning in-flight system ice, offering a staggering 6,500 channels of on-demand content.

Elisabeth Zauner, Country Manager Emirates Austria, expresses her delight, stating, “The deployment of our A380 until the end of the winter schedule is a great milestone for us, emphasizing the importance of Vienna as a destination and departure point. We hope our flagship will return permanently in the future.”

Vienna’s Awaited Reunion with A380

Vienna bid adieu to the Emirates A380 in August 2022, but the winter flight schedule brings a winds-of-change moment.

In a demand-oriented fleet planning move, Emirates stands as the sole airline gracing Vienna Airport with the majestic two-deck A380.

Meanwhile, evening flights EK 126 and EK 125 continue their operations with the widebody Boeing B777-300ER.

To ensure an exceptional comfort standard, the Emirates A380 presents a lavish configuration: 14 seats in First Class, 76 in Business Class, and 429 in Economy Class for the Vienna-Dubai route.

This aircraft switch means an impressive 40% increase in passenger capacity, underscoring Vienna’s significance and the burgeoning demand for long-haul travel via Dubai.

Importantly, freight capacity remains unchanged on the Vienna-Dubai route.

Emirates’ A380 Dominance

Emirates solidifies its A380 supremacy globally, boasting a fleet of 116 aircraft, making it the largest operator of the iconic double-decker plane.

With almost 90 A380s cruising to popular destinations like Bangkok, Mauritius, Denpasar/Bali, and Sydney, Emirates continues to set the bar high in delivering an unparalleled flying experience.

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