Emirates A380 makes a return to Vienna

An Emirates A380 on the runway.
Photo Credit: Emirates

Wednesday 21 February marked a highpoint for the UAE national carrier, as the Emirates Airbus A380 returned to Vienna after a hiatus of nearly four years.

Carrying over 400 passengers to the Austrian capital, this return not only highlights the resumption of a long-awaited service, but also continues the relationship between Emirates and Vienna International Airport.

The Return of Emirates A380 to Vienna

Emirates stands as the sole air carrier operating the double-decker A380 at Vienna International Airport, marking a notable milestone for both stakeholders.

The A380 made its inaugural landing in Vienna in 2014, commemorating the 10th anniversary of Emirates’ operations in Austria. This was then followed by scheduled services in 2016 between Dubai and Vienna.

Stakeholder Comments

Elisabeth Zauner, Country Manager Emirates Austria, expresses delight in reintroducing the A380 on the Vienna-Dubai route, emphasizing its significance for passengers worldwide, saying:

“We are delighted to bring our A380 back on the Vienna-Dubai route and offer our passengers the incomparable experience on board the popular aircraft. The A380 is Emirates’ flagship aircraft and a fan-favourite among passengers around the world.”

“The return of the double-decker marks a milestone for Emirates’ operations in Austria and demonstrates the significance of our market in Emirates’ global route network.”

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Similarly, Julian Jäger, Joint CEO of Vienna Airport, shares enthusiasm for the return, highlighting its positive impact on the tourism market for both nations.

“I am delighted that the Emirates A380 is back in regular service to Vienna. The world’s largest passenger aircraft is a highlight for all travellers and a great enrichment for Vienna Airport.”

“The associated increase in capacity is a further sign of the strengthening of connections to the Near and Middle East and is good for tourism to and from Austria.”

Elisabeth Zauner (Country Manager Emirates Austria) and Peter Kleemann (Company Spokesman Vienna Airport) with crew of A380 flight from Vienna to Dubai.

Emirates A380: Flagship of the Fleet

The Airbus A380 stands as the largest passenger aircraft globally and serves as Emirates’ flagship.

With over 90 A380s in service, it offers unparalleled comfort and luxury to travelers, including 14 First Class, 76 Business Class, and 429 Economy Class seats, totaling 519 passengers.

This increased capacity enhances tourism flows and provides more travel options for customers.

Flight Details

Emirates flight EK127 departs Dubai at 0855hrs and arrives in Vienna at 1225hrs, with the return flight EK128 departing the Austrian capital at 1510hrs and arriving in Dubai at 2340hrs, all local times.

Passenger Experience

Passengers on the Vienna-Dubai route can once again relish the amenities onboard the Emirates A380, including shower spas for First Class and the Onboard Lounge for First and Business Class.

Additionally, all passengers can enjoy a wide array of international cuisine and award-winning entertainment options.

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