Emirates A380 2-Class: Manchester, & Others for the Winter

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As we know, some of Emirates’ Airbus A380s have a 2-class configuration to offer more capacity. This coming Winter, Manchester and other destinations will receive this jet.

Its 2-class A380s seat 58 passengers in Business and 557 in Economy, bringing a total of 615 passengers per flight for the carrier.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Manchester Amongst Other Destinations for the Emirates A380 2-Class…

Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

Ahead of the Winter season, starting in October, as well as Manchester, Emirates will be servicing its 2-class Airbus A380 on the following routes, as per AeroRoutes.com*:

  • Dubai-Mauritius
  • Dubai-Manchester
  • Dubai-Birmingham
  • Dubai-Denpasar
  • Dubai-Dusseldorf
  • Dubai-Frankfurt
  • Dubai-London Gatwick
  • Dubai-Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
  • Dubai-Bangkok Suvarnabhumi-Hong Kong


Now, when you put that in the context of a 615-seater A380 operating at least one or two flights per day, that is a lot of passengers.

This is enabling Emirates to acquire substantial revenue, both in the Summer seasons, and the Winter seasons also.

A380 Retirements = Less Capacity On Offer?

What Will Emirates Look Like When They Retire the A380?
Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

Emirates’ Airbus A380s is well known for offering significant amounts of capacity offerings, especially in its two-class configurations.

On high-density flights, these are utilized, where Emirates can carry 615 passengers per flight on this setup, which is a considerable feat in itself, with some A380s already operating this into Manchester.

However, with the carrier having around 195 aircraft on order, with most of that being on the 777X with Boeing, this could potentially replace the stop-gap in capacity offerings.

It would have to be the case that more flights are added to high-density destinations on a daily basis potentially.

Because, after all, the 777X could only handle 384 passengers in a standard configuration. Could Emirates go for a two-class set-up and potentially sit more onboard? There is some food for thought.

But for now, we can revel in the fact that destinations such as Manchester will receive the 2-Class Airbus A380 which highlights Emirates’ overall resiliency in its capacity offering too.

*Thanks to AeroRoutes.com for the information that helped contribute to the article. AviationSource is not in partnership with the website and uses the information under the company’s fair use policy outlined at the bottom of its website.

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