Edelweiss to Add 14th Airbus A320

An Edelweiss A320 on the taxiway in Zurich.
JoachimKohler-HB, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
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Swiss carrier, Edelweiss, is set to add a 14th Airbus A320 to its fleet during 2024 in a bid to offer extra required capacity.

This article will cover the details surrounding Edelweiss’ addition of their 14th Airbus A320 aircraft and what it means for the Swiss carrier.

Edelweiss Set to Add 14th A320

Photo Credit: Lukas von Daeniken from Schweiz, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From Spring 2024, as the peak of the summer season approaches, Edelweiss will add a 14th Airbus A320 to its fleet.

Currently Edelweiss operates an all-Airbus fleet of 18 aircraft, broken down as 13 Airbus A320ceos, all with 174 seats, and five Airbus A340-300s, all with between 300 and 314 total seats. However, from 2025, Edelweiss will replace its Airbus A340 fleet with six Airbus A350-900s.

The addition of the 14th Airbus A320 for the Swiss carrier will increase their fleet total to 19 aircraft.

Finest Chocolates

Not only is Edelweiss adding a 14th A320 in 2024, the carrier is also boosting some of its products. Firstly, with business class passengers being able to experience exclusive pralines to Edelweiss from Confiserie Beschle in Basel.

The carrier will also offer its business class guests a rosé champagne from the Gruet vineyard as a welcome drink. For all classes, the carrier will rotate drinks throughout 2024, Pepita, Sinalco, Elmer Citro and Rivella.

Commenting on their new products, Edelweiss’ Head of Product & Services, Martin Rast, says, “We have listened to the feedback from our guests and have revised the menus and snacks in particular. At Edelweiss, we continue to offer a full culinary service in all classes, which is of course included in the flight price.”

“And as we look ahead to the new year, I am already looking forward to a revised film offer on short-haul flights, where we can now also offer our guests blockbuster movies. Naturally also free of charge.”

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