easyJet Takes Over SR Technics Maintenance Facility in Malta

easyJet and SR Technics staff in the hangar with aircraft.
Photo Credit: easyJet

EasyJet and SR Technics have finalized an agreement that sees the low-cost carrier acquire the maintenance facility of SR Technics in Malta.

This move signifies a significant development for both companies. It also highlights Malta’s growing importance in the aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) sector.

The signing ceremony was held at the maintenance hangar and attended by Maltese Prime Minister Dr. Robert Abela. This formally marked the official handover of the MRO facility to easyJet.

This acquisition allows easyJet to bring its growing fleet of over 340 aircraft under its wing for heavy maintenance needs.

Additionally, the airline welcomes over 400 highly skilled personnel from the facility into the easyJet family.

Maltese Government Welcomes MRO Acquisition

Prime Minister Abela congratulated both companies on finalizing this pivotal agreement. He emphasized the government’s commitment to supporting the aviation industry.

The Prime Minister drew attention to Malta’s robust MRO sector, boasting approximately 1,500 skilled professionals.

Dr. Abela commended the leadership and dedication of Maltese technicians and engineers. He said that these personnel have played a key role in attracting reputable companies like easyJet.

He expressed his gratitude to SR Technics and welcomed easyJet’s substantial investment. The Prime Minister then reaffirmed the government’s commitment to fostering a strong aviation industry in Malta.

EasyJet Strengthens In-House Maintenance Capabilities

EasyJet representatives expressed their delight at this milestone achievement. They highlighted their long-standing ties with Malta and their commitment to further strengthening these ties in the coming years.

David Morgan, Chief Operating Officer for easyJet, emphasized the importance of the facility for maintaining their growing fleet and lauded the opportunity to employ over 400 skilled personnel locally.

Brendan McConnellogue, Director of Engineering for easyJet, echoed these sentiments, underscoring the facility’s impressive track record and the expertise of its workforce.

He expressed his enthusiasm for welcoming the team to easyJet, which aligns with the airline’s strategy of bringing more maintenance operations in-house.

SR Technics Focuses on Engine MRO Growth

For SR Technics, this divestiture allows them to focus on their strategic growth plans in the engine MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) business.

Owen McClave, CEO of SR Technics, hailed easyJet as the perfect partner to take over their Maltese subsidiary.

Daniel Galea, General Manager for SR Technics Malta, expressed his gratitude to SR Technics for their guidance and leadership.

He highlighted the company’s past successes and looked forward to building on that legacy with easyJet.

He reassured stakeholders, especially employees and customers, of continued dedication to maintaining the high standards that have been the cornerstone of their success.

easyJet: Longstanding Ties with Malta

easyJet boasts a strong connection with Malta, having operated flights to the island since 2008. The airline has transported over four million passengers to and from Malta.

The budget carrier currently serves the destination from nine of its European bases, solidifying its commitment to the region.

This MRO acquisition strengthens easyJet’s position in aircraft maintenance, while further solidifying Malta’s reputation as a key aviation hub.

The combined expertise of easyJet and the skilled workforce in Malta promises a bright future for aircraft maintenance in the region.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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