easyJet revives London Southend to Alicante route

An easyJet A320 approaches to land.
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easyJet has revealed its plans to relaunch the much-anticipated route from London Southend to the picturesque Alicante. This route, which had previously ceased operations in 2020, is set to bring a wave of travel opportunities for a new set of travellers.

With its charming old town, vibrant nightlife, and sun-soaked beaches, Alicante remains an alluring gem on the Costa Blanca coast.

As of August 22, the revitalized route will again offer travellers greater choice to experience the captivating Alicante blend of history, culture, and sunshine.

A Glance at the ‘City of the Sun’

Known as the ‘City of the Sun,’ Alicante basks in the title of being Europe’s sunniest city, boasting an impressive average of 349 sun-soaked hours each month.

This radiant reputation positions Alicante as an ideal year-round destination for those seeking a perfect blend of warm weather and captivating experiences.

Whether it be strolling through the maze-like streets of the old town, indulging in the local culinary delights, or simply lounging on the pristine Mediterranean beaches, Alicante caters to a wide array of preferences.


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The Revived Route: What to Expect

The relaunched route will be operational twice a week, starting from Sunday, October 29, 2023. Offering convenience and flexibility, flights are scheduled to depart on both Thursdays and Sundays.

Starting at a competitive fare of just £22.99, this route ensures that travelers can explore the charm of Alicante without breaking the bank.

This announcement comes as a delightful addition to easyJet’s expanding flight offerings. In recent weeks, the airline unveiled a new year-round flight to Amsterdam, enhancing its connectivity.

Additionally, easyJet has been dedicated to enriching travel experiences by introducing flights to Paris and Geneva earlier this year.

With the revival of the London Southend to Alicante route, easyJet’s commitment to enhancing travel opportunities and connecting destinations becomes even more evident.

London Southend’s Offerings

Alicante joins the league of distinguished destinations served by easyJet from London Southend Airport. The airline’s current offerings include flights to Malaga, Palma, Faro, Amsterdam, Geneva, and Paris.

This strategic expansion highlights the airport’s dedication to providing a diverse range of travel options for passengers.

By embracing the London Southend to Alicante route, easyJet enables travelers to experience the vibrant colors of Spain’s coastal beauty.

Revisiting the Past

easyJet’s decision to resume flights to Alicante carries a sense of nostalgia and progress. Previously, the airline operated flights between April 2012 and August 2020, facilitating over 856,000 passengers during that period.

The revival of this route serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of Alicante and the unwavering commitment of easyJet to offer exceptional travel experiences.

Voices Behind the Initiative

Ali Gayward, easyJet’s UK Country Manager, shared her enthusiasm, stating, “We are really pleased to be launching another route from London Southend to Alicante, offering a popular choice for holiday-goers this year and the next.”

“With its perennial sunny weather, Alicante presents an irresistible holiday destination throughout the year. We are excited to expand our services at Southend, providing customers with value fares and an even wider selection of destinations.”

John Upton, London Southend Airport CEO, added his feelings on the revival of the route. He said, “We are excited, delighted, and extremely proud to deliver flights to Alicante for our passengers this winter.”

“Restarting our most profitable and popular route from 29th October opens doors for passengers in Essex, east London, and the southeast of England to explore another charming region of Spain with our esteemed airline partner, easyJet.”

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