easyJet orders additional 157 A320neo Family aircraft

Render of an easyJet A320neo in flight.
Image Credit: Airbus

easyJet has today confirmed a robust order for an additional 157 Airbus A320neo Family aircraft.

This bulk purchase comes on the heels of unanimous shareholder approval, and marks a key point in easyJet’s move towards fleet renewal, upgauging, and sustainable aviation practices.

A320neo and A321neo

The firm order comprises 56 A320neo and 101 A321neo aircraft, showcasing easyJet’s dedication to embracing modern, efficient, and environmentally conscious air travel.

Notably, this order also involves the upsizing of an existing order for 35 A320neo into the larger A321neo, a move that underlines easyJet’s foresight in adapting to evolving demands.

Strategic Fleet Renewal

According to Johan Lundgren, the CEO of easyJet, this significant order plays a crucial role in the company’s net zero roadmap.

By replacing older aircraft with more efficient counterparts, easyJet not only enhances its environmental sustainability but also sets the stage for disciplined growth.


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Lundgren emphasizes, “With this order easyJet will be able to continue to cement its leading position at Europe’s primary airports, and so we look forward to working in partnership with Airbus in the years to come.”

Partnership with Airbus

The collaboration between easyJet and Airbus is noted in the comments of Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International at Airbus. Scherer highlights the mutual commitment to de-carbonize the aviation sector.

He commends easyJet’s investment, saying: “easyJet and Airbus both are strong advocates for the aviation sector to de-carbonise.”

“This significant investment into the most fuel efficient and SAF-capable aircraft is a testimony to our joint commitment in this respect. Bravo easyJet, and thank you!”

The A320neo Family

The A320neo Family, hailed as the world’s most popular single aisle aircraft, has garnered over 18,000 orders from nearly 140 customers globally.

At the forefront of this family, the A321neo stands out as the largest member, offering unparalleled range and performance.

Incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as new-generation engines and Sharklets, the A321neo boasts a remarkable 50% noise reduction and more than 20% fuel savings and CO2 reduction compared to its predecessors.

This technological leap not only aligns with easyJet’s commitment to sustainability but also ensures an exceptional flying experience for passengers.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Initiative

Airbus’s dedication to sustainable aviation is reflected in the A320 Family’s capability to operate with up to 50% SAF.

Looking ahead, Airbus aims for all its aircraft to be capable of operating with up to 100% SAF by 2030, a vision that aligns with the global push for greener aviation practices.

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