easyJet Opens New Luton Operations Control Centre

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easyJet has opened a cutting-edge Integrated Control Centre (ICC) in Luton, UK, to manage its vast daily flight schedule of approximately 2,000 flights.

The brand-new AI-equipped operations control centre will effectively manage around half a million flights annually.

The operations team have access to a new generative AI tool, Jetstream, to help solve issues for pilots and crew on the ground rapidly.  

easyJet plans to put this technology directly into pilot and crew’s hands in the coming months aiding real-time decision making to improve the customer experience

AI Integration

The ICC integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into daily operations, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

This translates to a smoother customer experience. For instance, AI tools predict standby crew requirements and recommend optimal crew assignments for each flight, ensuring seamless operations.

Laurent ERRERA from L’Union, France, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

24/7 Operations

Over 250 specialists operate within the 24/7 control center, managing a fleet of more than 340 easyJet aircraft.

Every day, these professionals manage the transportation of up to 300,000 passengers across 35 countries, covering over 1,000 routes to 155 airports.

The ICC is a hive of activity, with route planners, crewing teams, aircraft allocation specialists, and maintenance specialists.

Live customer communication experts working collaboratively to ensure every flight takes off and arrives safely on time.

The well-being of the ICC team is paramount. The facility is thoughtfully designed to promote a calm and focused work environment.

Features include ample natural light, dark desks with individual lighting for task control, and a dedicated rest area with reclining chairs. This space utilizes calming green walls and ceilings, fostering a truly relaxing atmosphere.

An easyJet flight takes off.
Photo Credit: Lewis Chesworth/AviationSource

Jetstream: Empowering the Team

easyJet equips its Luton ICC team with a powerful new AI tool named Jetstream. This generative AI provides instant access to relevant policies, procedures, and information.

This empowers personnel to resolve operational issues swiftly and efficiently. Additionally, plans are underway to equip crew members with AI-powered technologies in the coming months.

Investing in the Future

easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren expressed his enthusiasm about the new Luton ICC, highlighting its role in enhancing operational efficiency and customer experience during the peak summer season.

He emphasized easyJet’s early adoption of data-driven solutions and its commitment to continuous innovation using AI. This technology is already optimizing various aspects of the travel experience, including:

  • Predictive food and beverage stocking: Minimizing waste and ensuring passenger satisfaction on flights.
  • Data-driven maintenance: Preventing technical delays through proactive part replacements.
  • Dynamic aircraft allocation: Deploying larger capacity aircraft on high-demand routes, offering passengers more affordable fares and maximizing flight occupancy.
An EasyJet Airbus climbs after takeoff.

Customer Benefits

AI is transforming the customer experience by enabling easyJet to offer greater flexibility and affordability.

Predictive AI helps free up over a million additional seats annually. Additionally, AI facilitates real-time adjustments, allowing for the deployment of larger capacity aircraft on routes with anticipated high demand.

This translates to more affordable fares for passengers and ensures flights operate closer to full capacity.

Looking Ahead

easyJet has a long history of utilizing predictive maintenance to minimize technical delays. Now, AI is further enhancing this capability by predicting standby crew requirements, proactively mitigating potential disruptions.

Furthermore, easyJet aircraft are being equipped with new software that facilitates real-time interaction with European air traffic control.

This AI-powered technology at Luton pinpoints aircraft locations with exceptional accuracy, leading to faster journeys and reduced emissions.

By harnessing the power of AI, easyJet is well-positioned to deliver a superior travel experience for its customers while optimizing operational efficiency.

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