easyJet collaborates with RTX to enhance operations

An easyJet A320 takes off.
Photo Credit: easyJet

Collins Aerospace (NYSE: RTX) is working with easyJet to activate GlobalConnectSM connected aircraft services on more than 330 Airbus aircraft in its fleet.

This means that easyJet will become the largest A320 operator in the world to deploy GlobalConnect. This new capability enhances safety oversight, pilot training and operational efficiencies.

The Power of GlobalConnect

The heart of this collaboration lies in the activation of GlobalConnect services, a game-changing solution that taps into the existing Flight Operations and Maintenance Exchanger system (FOMAX), a collaborative endeavor between Collins Aerospace and Airbus.

This integration equips easyJet with invaluable insights into its fleet operations, transforming data into actionable intelligence for proactive decision-making and streamlined airline operations.

Safety Oversight and Pilot Training

GlobalConnect not only elevates operational efficiencies but also revolutionizes safety oversight and pilot training for easyJet.

By harnessing real-time data exchange and analytics, the airline gains a comprehensive view of its aircraft performance, facilitating a proactive approach to safety measures and optimizing pilot training protocols.


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Fuel Efficiency Gains

A standout feature of this collaboration is the potential to simplify avionics architecture, paving the way for substantial fuel efficiency gains.

The integration of GlobalConnect, coupled with the FOMAX system, opens avenues for the gradual removal of quick access recorders.

easyJet estimates that shedding this additional weight could lead to a remarkable reduction of up to 500 tonnes of carbon emissions annually when implemented across its entire fleet.

An easyJet A320 approaches to land.
EasyJet A320NEO G-UZHL approaching London Stansted. (Photo: Thomas Saunders/AviationSource)

Industry Perspectives

Jane Ashton, the director of Sustainability at easyJet, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “We are constantly seeking innovative solutions that enable our aircraft to be more connected.”

“Collins’ GlobalConnect is one of the many initiatives we will use to drive operational efficiencies across our fleet and to help reduce our emissions.”

Jen Schopfer, the president of Connected Aviation Solutions at Collins Aerospace, emphasized the transformative nature of the FOMAX system and GlobalConnect, saying,

“The FOMAX system in conjunction with GlobalConnect is designed to empower airlines with comprehensive data-driven insights, allowing them to enhance their operations and passenger experience.”

GlobalConnect Activation

The deployment of GlobalConnect services across easyJet’s extensive fleet is set to unfold progressively in the coming months, commencing before the end of 2023.

This marks a notable milestone in easyJet’s digital transformation progress; embracing cutting-edge technologies that not only benefit its passengers but also contribute to a greener aviation landscape.

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