easyJet Cabin Crew Secure Significant Pay Rise

easyJet aircraft parked at Gatwick Airport gates.
wuppertaler, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Great news for easyJet cabin crew! Following successful negotiations with Unite, the UK’s leading union, they’ve secured a substantial pay increase and improved working conditions.

The 18-month deal delivers a 20% permanent boost to basic pay for all cabin crew, effective May 1st, 2025.

Additionally, there’s a 3% increase in variable pay, which is the flight-based payment crew receive per journey. This means longer flights will result in a more significant pay rise.

Unite’s General Secretary, Sharon Graham, praised the outcome, saying: “This is a win-win situation achieved through collective bargaining.”

“Unite is dedicated to securing better pay, jobs, and working conditions for our members, and we’re thrilled that our hardworking easyJet crew will receive this historic pay increase.”

An easyJet A320 takes off.
Photo Credit: easyJet

Further Gains for Cabin Crew

Cabin crew salaries can vary based on factors like routes and base location. Variable pay refers to a flight-based payment that increases with flight distance.

The deal goes beyond pay. Cabin managers and probationary cabin managers will receive a one-off payment of £2,000, while flight attendants will get £1,500.

Unite also negotiated policy changes. easyJet will now compensate cabin crew £15 per person onboard for service disruptions exceeding an hour. This amount doubles for delays surpassing two hours.

A line of easyJet Airbus A319's at Liverpool Airport.
calflier001, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Union Strength Delivers Results

Unite Regional Officer Lindsey Olliver highlights the union’s role in the negiotaitions.

“Through our collective strength and effective negotiations, we’ve achieved a significant pay rise for our members.”

“Cabin crew are vital to easyJet’s operations, and this deal recognizes their valuable contribution,” observed Olliver.

This rise in compensation comes at a time of rising living costs. The increased wages and improved working conditions will likely boost morale and retention rates among easyJet’s cabin crew.

This, in turn, could contribute to a more positive and efficient travel experience for passengers.

The deal sets a precedent for future negotiations within the airline industry, potentially influencing pay and working conditions for cabin crew at other airlines.

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