Discover Airlines extends network to Norway and Finland

Render of Discover Airlines aircraft in flight.
Image Credit: Discover Airlines

Discover Airlines is expanding its route network with the two new additions of Alta in Norway and Kittilä in Finland as part of its Winter 2024/25 scheduling.

This expansion is notable because it marks a departure from the airline’s typical focus on sun-soaked southern paradises, offering travelers a unique opportunity to experience the far north.

Additionally, Discover Airlines is already set to operate to Evenes in Norway twice a week this coming summer.

Meeting Demand: The Move Northward

The decision to add Alta and Kittilä to its roster is a direct response to the escalating demand from both end customers and tour operators seeking direct connections to these pristine Arctic locales.

Discover Airlines, seamlessly integrated into the Lufthansa network in Frankfurt, ensures that travelers from all corners of Europe can now access these two destinations with unparalleled ease and convenience.


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Alta, Norway: Chasing the Northern Lights

Commencing between December 16, 2024, and March 27, 2025, Discover Airlines will operate non-stop flights from Frankfurt to Alta Airport (ALF) in northern Norway every Thursday and Sunday.

This three-and-a-half-hour journey promises an exclusive experience as Discover Airlines stands as the sole carrier offering a direct link from Germany to Alta.

Known as the “City of the Northern Lights,” Alta, situated approximately 230 kilometers from the North Cape, captivates visitors with its celestial displays.

From late November to mid-January, the sun doesn’t rise, creating optimal conditions for witnessing the enchanting Northern Lights.

This Arctic haven serves as a gateway to a myriad of adventures, including dog sledding, northern lights safaris, ski expeditions, overnight stays in igloo hotels, whale watching, and ice fishing.

Kittilä, Finland: A Winter Tourist Dream

From December 20, 2024, to March 28, 2025, Discover Airlines will whisk travelers away from Frankfurt to Kittilä Airport (KTT) every Friday, introducing them to the wonders of Finnish Lapland.

This three-and-a-half-hour flight opens the door to a realm located around 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, renowned as one of Finland’s premier tourist regions.

Kittilä, home to the acclaimed Levi winter sports area, beckons with its 43 slopes, earning the title of Finland’s best ski resort on multiple occasions.

Beyond the thrill of winter sports, visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture with reindeer and dog sled safaris, snowshoe hikes, and a vibrant arts scene shaped by local talents.


Discover Airlines’ strategic expansion to Alta and Kittilä underscores its commitment to providing travelers with diverse experiences.

The direct flights, combined with the airline’s integration into the Lufthansa network, not only make these Arctic gems more accessible but also promise an unrivalled journey into the heart of winter wonderlands.

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