Did You Know Emirates Serves 40 Million Chocolates Yearly?

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Did you know that Emirates serves over 40 million chocolates to its customers every single year? The carrier revealed this as part of World Chocolate Day on July 7.

Emirates Is Dishing Up A Lot of Chocolate…

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The Dubai-based carrier offered a breakdown of this, being:

  • 35 million chocolates in Economy.
  • 160,000 in Premium Economy.
  • 4 million in Business & First Class.

Across all of its classes, Emirates has a series of chocolate-based offerings, and depending on the class you are sat in, this can, of course, vary.

Emirates explained this in a statement they put out this week:

“Emirates collaborates closely with connoisseur chocolatiers from around the globe, including Bateel, Coco Jalila and Forrey & Galland from the UAE, Godiva and Neuhaus from Belgium, Valrhona from France, Butlers from Ireland, Canonica from Switzerland, Pacari from Ecuador and Hotel Chocolat from the UK.”


“The chocolate brands are selected for a multitude of reasons including content – for example, dark, milk or white chocolate, bonbons, pralines or truffles, with fillings of creamy ganache or tangy fruit, the all-important taste and texture component, alongside brand recognition, current trends, its ‘instagrammability’ and whether it’s sustainably sourced.”

“Each handpicked chocolate brand is on board for a minimum of 3 months before a new selection is introduced to delight frequent flyers.”

Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

“Across all classes, customers craving a chocolate fix can enjoy chocolate desserts and hot chocolate from the menu.”

“The most popular chocolate desserts onboard Emirates historically are the decadent Molten Chocolate Cake in First Class and the silky-smooth Milk Chocolate Mousse for children.”

“On longer routes, chocolate candy bars are served in a snack tray, and chocolate lollipops are offered to children during festive celebrations.”

“At Emirates’ A380 Onboard lounge, customers can also help themselves to vegan and non-vegan sweet treats of M&Ms, chocolate cake, and chocolate mini treats.”

In Emirates Lounges, chocolate is a staple feature, with customers enjoying homemade Emirates chocolate ice cream from the old-fashioned ice cream cart, signature creamy hot chocolate from Costa Coffee, and a myriad of creative chocolate desserts from Emirates Master Chefs, including white chocolate raspberry delight with white chocolate mousse and luscious raspberry jelly, decadent chocolate truffles, a fruity white chocolate passionfruit cheesecake and indulgent dark chocolate salted caramel tarts amongst many others.

A special chocolate-focused dessert is a new feature in Emirates First Class Lounges in Dubai, using Valrhona Grand Cru Blends from around the globe to make exquisite desserts like chocolate and pecan gateaux, 85% Abinao chocolate cremeux, pecan praline, Sacher sponge and spiced milk ice cream, as well as Dulcey Chocolate – a bar of blond and biscuity flavored chocolate.”

“In July, the special First-Class lounge dessert will be a rich chocolate extravaganza of 64% Manjari dark chocolate entremets, cocoa crumble, dark chocolate sponge, vanilla ice cream, and caramel sauce.

What do you think? Have you experienced the chocolate products that Emirates offers? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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