DHL Express Launches Dedicated Hong Kong-Sydney Freighter Service

Render of a DHL 777-200 freighter in flight.
Image Credit: DHL Express

DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, has taken a significant step towards strengthening trade ties between Hong Kong and Australia.

The company recently launched a dedicated flight route directly connecting Hong Kong’s Central Asia Hub with Sydney Airport, operating five times a week.

This new service replaces the previous route that included a stopover in Singapore, reflecting the surge in shipment volume between the two regions.

Enhanced Capacity for Growing Demand

The dedicated freighter is a Boeing 777-200 supplied by Kalitta Air. The aircraft, operated by Tasman Cargo Airlines, boasts a maximum capacity of 105 tons.

This translates to a significant increase in weekly payload capacity exceeding 500 tons. The service will cater to the growing demand for streamlined and efficient shipping solutions.

Unlocking Next-Day Delivery Options

This strategic move by DHL Express aligns perfectly with findings from the DHL Global Connectedness Report 2024.

The report highlights Australia’s strong trade connections with North Asian countries, particularly China, India, Japan, and South Korea.

A DHL freighter aircraft loading air cargo
Curimedia, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Furthermore, Hong Kong’s role as a pivotal gateway for trade flows throughout Asia. Combined with the high level of intra-Asian trade connectivity (over 70%), this creates a compelling case for this dedicated route.

By expediting the movement of goods between Sydney and Hong Kong, the new service unlocks next-day delivery possibilities to key North Asian destinations. This includes mainland China, India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam.

This enhanced efficiency empowers businesses to expand their reach within the Asia Pacific region. It effectively equips them with faster and more reliable shipping options.

Hong Kong-Sydney Strategic Importance

Andy Chiang, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Hong Kong and Macau, DHL Express highlights the strategic importance.

“Hong Kong’s strategic position as a regional logistics hub is instrumental in facilitating trade across Asia Pacific. This new direct flight strengthens our network, reduces transit times, and caters to the robust demand for cross-border trade.”

“By enabling faster access to the Oceania market, we reaffirm our commitment to enhancing connectivity and fostering global trade. At DHL, we deliver more than just packages – we deliver prosperity and growth.”

A DHL Express freighter on the ground in Melbourne.
Mitchul Hope, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kim Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer, Tasman Cargo Airlines added his support. “Tasman Cargo Airlines is proud to partner with DHL Express on this new flight operation.”

“The B777-200 freighter offers exceptional reliability, impressive capacity, and the flexibility to transport a wide range of special commodities alongside general cargo and express products.”

DHL’s Network: Driving Global Trade

DHL is part of DHL Group. The Group generated revenues of more than 81.8 billion euros in 2023.

DHL Express maintains a robust aviation network across the Asia Pacific region, comprising over 30 dedicated aircraft and collaborations with key partners like Tasman Cargo Airlines and Air Hong Kong.

This network facilitates over 710 daily flights connecting more than 220 countries and territories.

Additionally, the company’s recent expansion of their Central Asia Hub – one of their three global hubs – further strengthens their ability to manage the ever-increasing demand for intercontinental trade.

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