DER Touristik and Lufthansa Group join forces for climate-friendly travel

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 5 Min Read
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In a bid to address the challenges of climate and environmental protection, tour operator DER Touristik and the Lufthansa Group have embarked on an exciting strategic partnership.

As trailblazers in the travel industry, DER Touristik has become the first major tour operator to procure Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from the Lufthansa Group.

This milestone collaboration aims to provide guests with more eco-conscious air travel, with the added benefit of zero additional charges, as DER Touristik generously covers the costs of the SAF.

Taking sustainability to new heights

To bolster their commitment to environmental stewardship, DER Touristik utilizes the SAF acquired from the Lufthansa Group to enhance the carbon footprint of select travel products.

These sustainable tours will be showcased in the forthcoming DERTOUR Magalog, a unique fusion of magazine and catalog slated for release in September 2023, under the theme “Conscious Travel.”

As an example, the Magalog will feature round trips in 2024, where 20 percent of the flight system for Lufthansa flights will be powered by SAF.

These round trips include two individual DERTOUR journeys to Ireland, with local transportation relying on public transit.

Additionally, five guided small-group trips to Albena on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, Menorca, Andalusia, Madeira, and Lisbon and Porto will also embrace the sustainable aviation fuel.


Furthermore, by the end of 2024, selected Lufthansa Group flights booked in conjunction with any of the new DERTOUR Magalog’s certified sustainable hotels will have 20 percent SAF integrated into their flight systems, all of which will be covered by DER Touristik.

Additionally, REWE Reisen in Germany and Billa Reisen in Austria are working together to offer two more environmentally conscious vacation packages featuring Lufthansa Group flights during the fall of 2023.

Raising awareness

The strategic partnership between DER Touristik and the Lufthansa Group extends beyond fuel procurement, encompassing various other impactful initiatives.

A key aspect of their joint efforts is to sensitize travelers and travel agency experts to the significance of SAF and its role in fostering sustainable travel.

An expert study trip to Ireland is also being arranged for travel agencies to deepen their understanding of sustainable practices in the aviation industry.

A crucial key to sustainable flying

Frank Naeve, Senior Vice President Global Markets & Stations Lufthansa Group, expressed his delight in having DER Touristik as a cooperation partner, stating:

“We are very pleased to have DER Touristik at our side, committed to the sustainable transformation of the travel industry, breaking new ground together with us, and sensitizing its customers to forward-looking travel offers.”

Naeve emphasized that the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel is a vital element in promoting greener and more sustainable flying, with the ultimate goal of reducing the environmental impact of air travel and optimizing resource consumption.

Dr. Ingo Burmester, CEO of DER Touristik Central Europe, highlighted the tour operator’s dedication to making tourism more climate-friendly and curbing emissions from vacation travel.

Dr. Burmester affirmed their commitment to investing in a lower-emission airline industry, viewing it as their responsibility to play a role in driving this positive change.

Recognizing that true transformation requires collaboration, Burmester emphasized the importance of uniting with trustworthy partners like the Lufthansa Group to effect meaningful change in the industry.

Pioneering sustainable travel

DER Touristik and the Lufthansa Group’s strategic partnership marks a key step in raising traveller awareness of sustainability.

By securing Sustainable Aviation Fuel and incorporating it into their operations, they are also setting a compelling example for other players in the field.

Hopefully environmental consciousness and economic prosperity can go hand in hand.

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