Delta Unveils Airbus A350 in Team USA Livery

A Delta Air Lines A350 jet in Team USA livery.
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Delta Air Lines has unveiled an Airbus A350 adorned with custom Team USA livery. The reveal on May 2 was held in Toulouse, France at Airbus’ global headquarters.

The custom-designed aircraft celebrates the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and also symbolizes a long-standing partnership that extends through the 2028 Los Angeles Games.

“The unveiling of the Team USA aircraft for the Paris Games is a source of immense pride for Delta,” declared Alicia Tillman, Chief Marketing Officer at Delta.

“This aircraft, a masterpiece crafted by our talented in-house design team, is a powerful symbol of our unwavering support for Team USA athletes.”

“It embodies our dedication to empowering them to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential on the world’s biggest sporting stage.”

Delta’s Chairmans’ Club Attends Ceremony

The unveiling ceremony held a deeper meaning beyond the visual spectacle. The event, held at Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse, where the aircraft was built and painted, witnessed a special audience for the first time: Delta’s Chairman’s Club.

This group comprises the company’s top 100 employees, hand-selected by their peers and senior leadership.

These individuals represent the very essence of the Delta brand, consistently demonstrating exceptional service, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Team USA athletes are renowned for their resilience and perseverance,” remarked Gina Laughlin, Delta’s VP of Global Communications.

“These same qualities are deeply ingrained in Delta’s employees, who work tirelessly behind the scenes to connect the world.”

“Celebrating this momentous occasion with our Chairman’s Club is a fitting tribute. Both Delta and Team USA share a relentless pursuit of excellence. This shared spirit of dedication forms the bedrock of our successful partnership.”

The Chairman’s Club honorees took to the skies as the inaugural passengers on this brand-new aircraft, flying it back to Atlanta on May 3rd. This unique privilege served as a token of Delta’s appreciation for their contributions.

This experience served as a testament to Delta’s appreciation for their invaluable contributions to the company’s success.

Team USA Livery

The aircraft’s custom livery, designed by Alessandra Rabellino and Delta’s Window Seat design team, is a striking visual. It proudly displays the iconic red, white, and blue colors associated with the United States. The design features “Team USA” emblazoned in a bold, font on the side of the fuselage.

The design incorporates elements from the Beijing 2022 Winter Games livery. It is a subtle nod to the beginning of the partnership journey.

However, it also features forward-looking elements that symbolize the exciting road ahead towards Paris 2024 and beyond.

“We took a key design element from the Beijing livery – the jet stream. We transformed it into a soaring representation of the Eiffel Tower,” explained Rabellino.

“Witnessing the reveal of the completed aircraft was truly electrifying. But what truly made this occasion even more special was sharing it with the Chairman’s Club honorees.”

“These individuals are the backbone of our company, and their dedication is an inspiration to us all.”

Supporting Team USA Athletes

The unveiling of the Team USA Airbus A350 marks the culmination of Delta’s commitment to supporting Team USA athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

Delta Air Lines will operate as the official airline of Team USA. As such, Delta plays a crucial role in transporting athletes, coaches, and staff to international competitions.

This partnership ensures that Team USA arrives at their destinations feeling well-rested, prepared, and ready to conquer the world stage.

In addition to logistical support, Delta actively engages with Team USA athletes through various initiatives.

These programs provide athletes at the 2024 Olympic Games with unique opportunities. They can connect with fans, share their inspiring stories, and raise awareness for important causes.

This collaborative approach fosters a deeper connection between Delta and Team USA. The Team USA Airbus A350 becomes something of a symbol of national pride, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

It embodies the shared spirit of Delta and Team USA, soaring as a testament to their enduring partnership. As the aircraft takes flight, it will carry the dreams and aspirations of a nation.

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