Delta gears up for Super Bowl with additional flights

Delta Air Lines aircraft parked together on the tarmac.
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Delta will add up to 16 flights and more than 2,500 additional seats for pro football fans headed to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII from Kansas City, San Francisco, San Jose, and New York-JFK.

SkyMiles Members who are traveling during the Super Bowl action can stream the game in-flight with Paramount+ on Delta Sync Wi-Fi.

For fans gearing up to witness the showdown in Las Vegas on February 11, Delta Air Lines is ensuring they reach the action-packed city with ease and comfort.

With up to 16 additional flights and over 2,500 extra seats, Delta will accommodate the surge of enthusiasts from Kansas City, San Francisco, San Jose, and New York-JFK, all eager to cheer on their favorite team.

Flying High from Kansas City

For the devoted followers of the Chiefs, Delta has introduced a brand-new route from Kansas City International Airport (MCI) straight to Harry Reid International Airport (LAS).

This addition comes as Delta capitalizes on Kansas City’s recent airport renovation, a $1.5 billion transformation that has catapulted MCI into a state-of-the-art facility.


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From upgraded terminals to enhanced amenities like local concessions and advanced gate technology, Delta passengers can expect a seamless experience from curb to gate.

Moreover, the exclusive 11,200-square-foot Delta Sky Club at MCI offers a haven for travelers, boasting versatile seating and upscale amenities for nearly 200 guests, ensuring a relaxed pre-flight atmosphere.

Connecting the West Coast

As the frenzy builds up on the West Coast, Delta is rolling out routes from both San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC) for the faithful 49ers fans making their pilgrimage to Las Vegas.

With a Delta Sky Club at SFO boasting panoramic views of the runways and bay, eligible customers can indulge in a moment of tranquility before embarking on their journey to the ultimate football showdown.

Delta’s Gateway from New York-JFK

Delta is also amplifying its service from the bustling New York-JFK hub, offering additional flights to Las Vegas for eager fans.

The airline’s recently unveiled its second lounge at Terminal 4, situated conveniently near Gate A7.

Furthermore, Delta customers at JFK now benefit from Digital ID, streamlining the airport process and ensuring a seamless transition for travelers en route to the game.

Streaming In-Flight: Paramount+ on Delta Sync Wi-Fi

For SkyMiles Members traversing the skies during the exhilarating championship game, Delta has partnered with Paramount+ to bring live streaming directly to their fingertips via Delta Sync Wi-Fi.

Whether cruising at altitude or awaiting touchdown in Las Vegas, fans can catch every thrilling moment of the game without missing a beat.

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