Delta caps 2023 with recognition for service and operational excellence

Delta Air lines ground handling staff on tarmac with aircraft.
Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines rounds out 2023 with several awards, recognizing the airline’s workplace culture and its operational performance.

Recent accolades from prestigious organizations like TIME and Indeed have attested to the US carrier’s commitment to leadership, customer service, and overall operational excellence.

TIME’s World’s Best Companies Ranking

Delta Airlines has secured its place on TIME’s inaugural list of the “World’s Best Companies,” an impressive feat given the intense competition in the aviation industry.

Claiming the 12th position and being the sole U.S. airline in the top 155, this recognition is based on three crucial criteria: employee satisfaction, revenue growth, and sustainability.

Notably, Delta clinched the 5th spot in employee satisfaction, boasting an impressive overall score of 91.13.


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Indeed’s Better Work Awards

Indeed, a prominent job search platform, has recognized Delta Airlines in its inaugural Better Work Awards.

The airline emerged as a “Top Company for Work Wellbeing,” securing the 3rd spot on the list and standing as the only airline to receive this honor.

The award recognized efforts in prioritizing employee welfare and shaping a future of improved work conditions.

Global Recognition

Delta’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the borders of the United States, earning the airline accolades on the global stage.

In Italy, the carrier was crowned the “Best Airline for Business Travellers – Long Haul” at the European Mission Awards for the second consecutive year, a recognition from the leading economic publication, Mission Magazine.

The Reismedia Business Travel Awards in Amsterdam echoed Delta’s strong position and product offering, naming the airline the “Best Business Airline to North and South America.”

Meanwhile, in Ghana, Delta received the “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence Award for Aviation,” showcasing the airline’s dedication to philanthropy and community engagement.

A Delta Air Lines 737-800 parked at Atlanta.
formulanone from Huntsville, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

China’s Recognition

Delta’s impact in China has not gone unnoticed, as the airline secured two prestigious awards. The Best BANG Awards named Delta “Best Airline of the Year,” while the 2023 World Leisure Awards, presented by Travel & Leisure, bestowed upon Delta the “Best Business Class Cabin Award.”

These accolades coincide with Delta’s deployment of cutting-edge aircraft, including the flagship A350-900 and the latest A330-900neo.

Global Award Ceremonies

Delta Airlines received widespread acclaim in 2023 at global award ceremonies. In the U.K., the airline clinched the title of “Best North American Airline” for the sixth consecutive year.

Simultaneously, Business Traveller Asia-Pacific bestowed similar honors upon Delta, recognizing its consistent excellence.

Closer to home, Delta garnered multiple awards from Business Traveler USA, including distinctions for North America’s Best Airline, North America’s Best Business Class, North America’s Premium Economy, and North America’s Best Airline Lounge (LAX).

Readers’ Choice

Delta Airlines has not only excelled in industry accolades but has also secured the admiration of readers. The Beat named Delta its Readers’ Choice for the Most Admired Airline and Overall Most Admired Supplier for an impressive 12th consecutive year.

Travel Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards added to this acclaim, recognizing Delta across various categories, including Best Airline Domestic, Best Airline Overall, Best Airline Sales & Service, and Best Airline Premium Economy.

America’s Most-Awarded Airline

Delta Air Lines’ accolades in 2023 extend far beyond the aforementioned recognitions. Forbes, Fast Company, Business Travel Magazine, Wallethub, and Skytrax all showered commendations on the airline, cementing its position as America’s most-awarded airline.

The awards continued into 2024, with Delta securing Cirium’s Platinum Award for operational excellence for the third consecutive year.

Additionally, the US carrier soared to the top of the rankings as North America’s most on-time airline, showcasing the airline’s unwavering commitment to operational efficiency.

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