Copa Airlines and Embratur join to promote Brazilian tourism

Copa Airlines and Brazilian Tourist Board officials sign agreement.
Photo Credit: Copa Airlines

In a move that promises to boost Brazil’s visibility on the international tourism stage, Copa Airlines and the Brazilian Tourist Board (Embratur) have entered into a strategic partnership.

This collaboration, signed during the 50th edition of ABAV Expo in Rio de Janeiro, is poised to bring together the strengths and expertise of both organizations with the goal of promoting Brazil as a must-visit destination for travelers worldwide.

Unveiling a Shared Vision

The partnership, officially sealed with the signatures of Raphael de Lucca, Country Manager of Copa Airlines in Brazil, and Marcelo Freixo, President of Embratur, outlines a comprehensive framework for cooperation.

This entails the implementation of a joint Work Plan, rooted in sustainability, sound financial practices, and technical excellence.

The primary focus of this initiative is innovation, aiming to enhance the supply of international air services and attract more foreign tourists to Brazilian airports.

Joint Initiatives in the Pipeline

The collaboration between Copa Airlines and Embratur encompasses a range of exciting initiatives, each designed to harness their collective capabilities and strengths:

Strategic Marketing and Promotion: Together, the two entities will embark on marketing and promotional campaigns geared towards showcasing the beauty and attractions of Brazil.

The ultimate aim is to increase visibility and entice foreign tourists to explore the country’s diverse offerings.


Market Expansion: One of the pivotal goals is to identify untapped market opportunities and expand Copa Airlines’ presence in key Brazilian tourist destinations.

This expansion will play a pivotal role in enhancing air connectivity and streamlining the flow of foreign tourists.

Loyalty Programs: Collaboratively, they will devise loyalty programs and incentives for foreign tourists who opt for Copa Airlines, further enhancing the attractiveness of Brazil as a travel destination.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility: The partnership will not only focus on tourism but will also prioritize sustainability, social responsibility, and diversity and inclusion efforts, ensuring that tourism benefits local communities and the environment.

For Copa Airlines, this partnership marks a pivotal moment to solidify its position as a key facilitator of connectivity between Brazil and the Americas, which aligns perfectly with its primary objectives.

It also underscores the airline’s strategy of promoting its routes in tandem with the growth and development of the destinations it serves.

A Copa Airlines Boeing 737 in flight over water.
Photo Credit: Copa Airlines

Raphael de Lucca, Country Manager for Copa Airlines in Brazil, shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating:

“We will offer Embratur the opportunity to promote Brazil in the countries operated by Copa, with emphasis on Central America and the Caribbean, in addition to Colombia, the main origins that connect to flights from Brazil.”

“In this way, we will facilitate the entry of millions of foreigners into our country – not only in large cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo but also in other Brazilian destinations where Copa Airlines operates, such as Manaus (AM), Brasilia (DF), Belo Horizonte (MG), and Porto Alegre (RS).”

“We will be able to show foreigners other wonders of our country, such as Natal Luz de Gramado (RS), Pirenópolis (GO), which is just 150km from Brasília and the historic cities of Minas Gerais.”

Embracing Diversity in Brazilian Tourism

Marcelo Freixo, President of the Brazilian Tourist Board, added, “This is a partnership that consolidates our strategy of promoting the diversity of destinations in Brazil, with a focus on our paradisiacal beaches, but also as a protagonist in adventure, Afro-tourism, and sustainability destinations.”

“Copa Airlines, with all its structure and knowledge of connectivity in the Americas, is our ally in showcasing and promoting this myriad of authentic experiences that tourists can find in our country, facilitating connectivity with our main source markets.”

Copa Airlines Boeing 737-9 MAX parked at a Panama airport.
airbus777 from Washington, DC, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

About Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines, a subsidiary of Copa Holdings, is a leading passenger and cargo airline in Latin America. Operating for 75 years, established the Hub of the Americas®, in Panama City, as the main one on the continent.

It has one of the industry’s newest and most modern fleets of Boeing 737-800 NG and Boeing 737 MAX9, serving countries in North America, Central and South America and the Caribbean, and offers punctuality with performance above 90%, one of the best brands in the industry segment across the world.

About Embratur

The Brazilian Tourist Board – EMBRATUR – is the official agency in charge of promoting and marketing the Brazilian destinations in the international market.

The largest country in Latin America, Brazil has been on the spotlight all over the world as the host for international sporting events and is recognized for its diverse ecosystems, rich culture and varied possibilities for tourism.

These range from the world’s wonders of nature as the Iguazu Falls and Amazon Rainforest to the celebrated carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Recife, the unique samba and bossa nova music styles, not to mention its extraordinary gastronomy with singular flavours and spices.

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