Condor Says “Auf Wiedersehen” to the Boeing 767 in Frankfurt

Condor Says "Auf Wiedersehen" to the Boeing 767 in Frankfurt
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Condor has this week said “Auf Wiedersehen” to the Boeing 767 in Frankfurt, as their time with the aircraft type comes to an end, as the new era of the Airbus A330neo begins.

The German carrier has been slowly replacing this aircraft with the new Airbus A330neo it has received in recent months.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

DE2185 – Havana-Frankfurt – Final Commercial 767 Flight…

Condor Says "Auf Wiedersehen" to the Boeing 767 in Frankfurt
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Condor flight DE2185 was the final Boeing 767 commercial flight with the airline, which was between Havana and Frankfurt.

D-ABUK was the aircraft that operated this final revenue flight for the German airline.

As per data from, D-ABUK is a 25.0 year old airframe that started out life with Alitalia in April 1999.

The aircraft was handed over to Condor back in August 2011.

Furthermore, DE2185 departed Havana at 2217 local time on March 11 and proceeded eastbound back to Frankfurt.

D-ABUK landed safely into FRA at 1225 local time on March 12, marking the end of an era with the airline.

Reaction from the German Airline As They Say Farewell…

Condor Says "Auf Wiedersehen" to the Boeing 767 in Frankfurt
Photo Credit: Emil bree/AviationSource

Christian Schmitt, COO and Accountable Manager at Condor had this to say on the final 767 flight into Frankfurt:

“The Boeing 767 was successfully operated by Condor for over 30 years. The most recently retired D-ABUC even holds the Boeing record for flight hours of this type.”

“With the advances in technology, product and sustainability, the modernization has now become necessary”.

“The aircraft has a very special significance for Condor and its many employees.”

“We are convinced that its reliability and resilience have been an important aspect of Condor’s success in recent years.”

“The last passenger flight marks the end of an era.”

Looking back at it’s history, Condor received the first three Boeing 767-300ER aircraft in July 1991.

Furthermore, D-ABUK’s fate has been revealed by the German carrier.

It will remain in storage in Frankfurt until April 16, when it will be sent to Goodyear via a return to lessor process.

In the meantime, D-ABUK will remain on the Condor AOC until the point it departs Frankfurt.

Also, this now means that a big chunk of the airline’s fleet renewal has been completed, having transitioned to the Airbus A330neo.


Photo Credit: Lewis Chesworth/AviationSource

In conclusion, this marks a very sad era for Condor with the final Boeing 767 flight in Frankfurt.

This aircraft has been a powerhouse for the carrier for three decades, and has brought them to success on the international stage.

Such a responsibility now heads onto the Airbus A330neo, as they are now the aircraft of choice for such operations.

All eyes will be on April 16 when the aircraft leaves Frankfurt for Goodyear.

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