City Airlines to commence flight operations in Summer 2024

Render of a City Airlines Airbus in flight.
Image Credit: Lufthansa

Lufthansa Group’s newly established subsidiary City Airlines will start flight operations in the summer of 2024. The airline was founded last year and received its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the German Federal Aviation Authority back in June.

Scheduled to commence its flight operations in the summer of 2024, City Airlines has been making waves since its inception last year, culminating in the acquisition of its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the German Federal Aviation Authority in June.

New Player in the Skies

Now scheduled to commence its flight operations in the summer of 2024, City Airlines moved from its inception last year to the acquisition of operating approvals from the German Federal Aviation Authority in June, 2023.

Working in tandem with Lufthansa CityLine, the regional subsidiary is now poised to make its operational debut. The new concern will take off from the strategic hubs of Munich and Frankfurt.

This strategic choice not only provides an excellent base for City Airlines but also offers the added advantage of feeder flights for its parent company, Lufthansa.

Expansion of the short-haul network to/from Munich and Frankfurt with the new subsidiary carrier will strengthen operating hubs as well as Lufthansa’s long-haul segment.


Operational Staff Recruitment

Recruitment for operational staff is scheduled to kick off in November 2023. Pilots and cabin crew members are in high demand as they prepare for the much-anticipated launch.

The carrier recognizes the importance of building a strong and competitive short-haul network to secure Lufthansa Group’s market position and pave the way for further expansion in the long-haul segment within the German market.

A Global Perspective

In a bid to ensure long-term success, City Airlines is broadening its horizons by considering English-speaking pilots for cockpit roles. Applicants with prior experience are given a distinct advantage during the hiring process.

Moreover, for Group employees interested in making the switch to the new airline, enticing offers with voluntary switching conditions are on the table.

This is particularly relevant for Lufthansa CityLine staff looking to embark on a new journey.

City Airlines MD Statement

Jens Fehlinger, the Managing Director of City Airlines, underlines the significance of this endeavor, stating, “With City Airlines, we want to create prospects for the coming decades and secure sustainable jobs in Germany.”

“This is the only way for us to grow and sustainably strengthen the hubs in Munich and Frankfurt.”

City Airlines is actively engaging in discussions with social partners to ensure competitive and secure job conditions that benefit all stakeholders.

The company is dedicated to providing not only exceptional service to its passengers but also a supportive and thriving work environment for its employees.

Airline Fleet

For Lufthansa customers and passengers, the introduction of City Airlines promises an exceptional travel experience. The subsidiary carrier will inaugurate its operations with a fleet of Airbus A319 aircraft.

Additionally, Lufthansa Group is exploring the possibility of incorporating Airbus A220 or Embraer aircraft into its offerings, further enhancing the diversity and quality of its services.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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