China Eastern Unveils Zootopia-Themed Aircraft

A China Eastern Airlines jet in custom Disney Zootopia Express livery
Photo Credit: China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines is taking Zootopia to the sky as a Zootopia-themed aircraft was unveiled on May 24.

It is the sixth Disney-themed aircraft to join the fleet of China Eastern Airlines. The custom livery involves a collaboration between the company and Shanghai Disney Resort.

This echoes the world’s first Zootopia land that opened in Shanghai last year.

Disney Zootopia Express

Gear up for a touch of movie magic on your next flight! China Eastern Airlines unveiled a captivating Zootopia-themed airplane late last week.

This exciting addition marks the sixth Disney-themed aircraft in their fleet, solidifying their collaboration with Shanghai Disney Resort.

It coincides perfectly with the immense popularity of the world’s first Zootopia land, which opened its doors at the Shanghai resort last year.

The “Disney Zootopia Express” boasts a unique distinction. It’s the first China Eastern airplane adorned with captivating 3D imagery on its exterior.

3D Exterior Imagery

Imagine your favorite Zootopia characters seemingly windswept by the plane’s speed as it soars through the sky!

The facelift continues inside the cabin, where Zootopia-themed elements abound. Passengers will spot playful animal illustrations on luggage containers and unfold trays featuring a map of the beloved Zootopia land.

The unveiling ceremony itself was an event to remember. Held within a hangar transformed into a whimsical Zootopia-inspired “airport,” the celebration welcomed residents and children from Cangyuan and Shuangjiang counties in Yunnan Province.

These communities benefit from China Eastern’s charitable programs, and the event offered them a chance to experience the plane’s “dreams and wonders” alongside Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, the film’s iconic duo.

Enhancing the travel experience even further, China Eastern Airlines has launched a dedicated Disney section on their mobile app.

This user-friendly feature allows passengers to effortlessly view flight schedules for all six Disney-themed planes a full three days in advance.

A China Eastern Airlines jet in custom Disney Zootopia Express livery
Photo Credits: China Eastern Airlines

Shanghai Pass

Speaking of seamless travel experiences, Shanghai, a major gateway for inbound tourism in China, recently launched the Shanghai Pass. This innovative initiative aims to simplify travel for foreign visitors.

Applying for the pass is easy, with options available at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and convenient transportation card service outlets.

The Shanghai Pass goes beyond Shanghai itself, offering comprehensive coverage for various modes of transportation within the city (buses, subway, taxis, ferries) and extending its reach to over 330 prefecture-level or higher cities throughout China. This includes popular tourist destinations like Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Qingdao, Chengdu, Sanya, and Xiamen.

So, buckle up for an unforgettable adventure with China Eastern Airlines and the magic of Zootopia! Combined with the convenience of the Shanghai Pass, your next trip to China promises to be smooth sailing from start to finish.

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