China Eastern to boost weekly international and regional flights

A line of parked China Eastern Airlines jets.
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China’s civil aviation sector has implemented its new flight schedule for the 2023-2024 winter-spring season which commenced from October 29, 2023, and China Eastern Airlines features heavily with an ambitious flight program.

China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) plans to operate 3,076 passenger flights on a daily basis in the new flight season, and also increase its seat capacity to 24.84 billion passenger-kilometers per month.

 Meanwhile, its number of international and regional flights, is expected to reach 1,084 per week.

China Eastern Airlines’ Aspirations

China Eastern Airlines, one of the prominent players in the Chinese aviation industry, is set to dominate the skies this winter-spring season.

The airline is planning to operate an impressive 3,076 passenger flights daily, providing travelers with an extensive array of options for their journeys.

Additionally, they are increasing their seat capacity to a staggering 24.84 billion passenger-kilometers per month, ensuring they can accommodate the ever-growing demand for air travel.

Domestic and International Destinations

China Eastern’s extensive reach is truly impressive. During the new flight season, they will be covering 246 destinations, comprising 181 domestic destinations, six regional destinations, and 59 international destinations.

This extensive network makes them a go-to choice for travelers looking to explore various parts of China and beyond.

Shuttle and Quasi-Shuttle Services

China Eastern Airlines is further enhancing the travel experience by offering a remarkable 41 Shuttle Service and quasi-Shuttle Service routes.

On these routes, passengers can expect approximately 404 daily flights, ensuring they have numerous options for convenient and flexible travel.

New Routes

As part of their commitment to continuous improvement, China Eastern Airlines will open new international routes and resume flights on previous routes this season. Travelers can look forward to exciting new routes connecting major cities, including:

  • Shanghai to Cairo
  • Shanghai to Vientiane
  • Hangzhou to Auckland
  • Hangzhou, Sydney, and Auckland
  • Wenzhou to Madrid
  • Jinan to Sydney
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport to Haneda Airport

Additionally, the airline has resumed international flights on several routes, such as Shanghai to San Francisco, Shanghai to Brisbane, and Shanghai to Nagasaki, making global travel more accessible than ever.

Route Resumptions

China Eastern Airlines shows no signs of slowing down. In late November, they will resume flights on more international routes, including routes between Shenzhen and Bangkok, as well as Lanzhou and Bangkok.

These expansions in their route network reflect the airline’s commitment to offering a diverse range of destinations to meet travelers’ needs.

In-Flight Wi-Fi

For tech-savvy travelers, there’s more good news. China Eastern Airlines is taking in-flight connectivity to a whole new level by providing in-flight Wi-Fi service on all 100 plus wide-body aircraft during the winter-spring flight season.

Passengers can choose from various Wi-Fi service plans according to their preferences, including:

  • Standard plan for the entire flight
  • Premium plan for the entire flight
  • Exclusive discounted plan for members

The airline has upgraded its Wi-Fi technology to ensure stable connections for passengers throughout the flight. What’s even more exciting is that passengers can now connect to the Internet right after takeoff, eliminating the need to wait until the plane reaches cruising altitude.

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