China Eastern orders 25 GEnx engines for 787 fleet

A China Eastern Airlines 787 approaches to land.
Photo Credit: Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

During an attendance the 6th China International Import Expo, China Eastern Airlines announced its decision to acquire 25 GEnx-1B engines to support their Boeing 787 fleet.

China Eastern Airlines has been a GEnx customer since 2018 when it first purchased 15 GEnx-powered Boeing 787 aircraft

History with GE Aerospace

China Eastern Airlines embarked on their journey with GEnx in 2018 when they procured 15 GEnx-powered Boeing 787 aircraft, accompanied by the TrueChoice services agreement.

Over the years, these engines have been integral to the airline’s success, offering exemplary performance, unparalleled reliability, and remarkable fuel efficiency.

This collaboration underpinned the developing era in the aviation industry in China.

The recent order reaffirms the steadfast commitment of China Eastern Airlines and GE Aerospace to deliver world-class aviation services and steer the Chinese aviation industry towards a robust and sustainable future.


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Guowei Cheng, Deputy General Manager of China Eastern Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “China Eastern Airlines and GE Aerospace have maintained a strong and cooperative relationship.”

“At the 6th CIIE, China Eastern Airlines is set to acquire a fresh batch of GEnx engines and related services, bolstering the operational capabilities and development of our fleet.”

“We eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership with GE Aerospace to mutual advantage, delivering cutting-edge aviation technologies and products to consumers and advancing sustainable development.”

Weiming Xiang, Vice President of GE and President of GE Aerospace Greater China, added, “China Eastern Airlines first embraced our GEnx engines at the inaugural CIIE in 2018. We are grateful that China Eastern Airlines has once again chosen the GEnx-1B engine this year.”

“This agreement serves as a testament to their trust in our products and services. We remain dedicated to collaborating closely with them to uphold the efficiency and innovation of their GEnx-powered Boeing 787 fleet.”

GEnx: The Powerhouse Engine

The GEnx engine family has accumulated an impressive 50 million flight hours since its introduction in 2011. It stands as the fastest-selling, high-thrust engine in GE’s history, with nearly 3,000 engines either in service or on backlog, including spares.

 In the current aviation landscape, six out of seven airlines in China operating Boeing 787 fleets have chosen the GEnx engine.

Notably, it powers over 90% of Boeing 787 aircraft in China, amassing an impressive total of more than 6.8 million flight hours.

The GEnx-1B engine stands as the driving force behind two out of every three 787 aircraft in operation. What sets it apart is its ability to provide a 1.4% fuel savings compared to its competitors for the typical 787 mission.

This enhanced fuel efficiency translates to a reduction of more than 2 million pounds of CO2 emissions per aircraft annually.

Innovative Technology for Long-Haul Flights

The GEnx engine family represents a significant leap forward in propulsion technology. Leveraging lightweight, durable materials and advanced design processes, it excels in reducing weight, improving performance, and minimizing maintenance requirements.

This makes the GEnx engine an optimal choice for long-haul flight operations.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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