China Eastern Airlines CNS-themed flight departs London for Shanghai

China Eastern Airlines cabin crew on themed flight from London to Shanghai
Photo Credit: China Eastern Airlines

This week MU552, a themed flight operated by China Eastern Airlines, took off from London bound for Shanghai.

Conducted November 7, the themed flight was jointly launched by China Eastern Airlines and the one-stop foreign information service platform City News Service (CNS), and marked the one-year anniversary of CNS.

The special flight was conducted by one of the carrier’s Boeing 777-300ER widebody aircraft.


City News Service: Navigating Urban Life

Launched officially last year on November 8, 2022, CNS has swiftly become a pivotal resource for expats seeking to seamlessly integrate into Shanghai’s dynamic urban landscape.


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With specialized columns such as “Policy Focus,” “Living Guide,” “Fashion & Food,” “Hot Events,” and “Weekend Getaways,” CNS acts as a cultural compass, guiding expats through the intricacies of daily life in Shanghai.

In-Flight Connectivity

Passengers aboard MU552 enjoy an exclusive perk – access to the CNS homepage through China Eastern Airlines’ in-flight Wi-Fi service.

This digital gateway allows them to delve into the heart of Shanghai’s lifestyle, preparing them for the adventure that awaits upon landing.

As a tangible keepsake, travelers receive customized boarding passes and unique souvenirs, creating cherished memories of their journey.

Photo Credit: China Eastern Airlines

A Snapshot with CNS

Adding a personal touch to the experience, passengers can commemorate their themed flight by capturing moments on the plane.

Armed with creative signs featuring CNS and Shanghai elements, these snapshots become tangible reminders of a unique journey. The fusion of technology and personalization enhances the overall travel experience.

Countdown to Celebration: Shanghai 1 to 9 Series

As a prelude to the one-year anniversary of CNS, China Eastern Airlines unveiled the captivating “Shanghai 1 to 9” video series.

These videos not only showcase the scenic beauty of Shanghai but also highlight the strides in Chinese modernization.

The global launch of the full series, accompanied by posters and video highlights, has ignited widespread enthusiasm.

Viewers express a newfound desire to revisit Shanghai, stirred by the visual storytelling and immersive content.

CNS In-Flight Services

Capitalizing on its position as an aviation platform, China Eastern Airlines leverages its in-flight Wi-Fi service to offer authoritative, timely, and practical news and information to passengers.

This service, tailored for foreigners on the CNS-themed flight, serves as a bridge, facilitating their integration into Shanghai’s culture and ensuring a seamless stay in the city.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 3 Min Read
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