China Airlines Sustainability Demonstrator flight wins two awards

A China Airlines A350 in flight.
Image Credit: China Airlines

Taiwan-based carrier China Airlines has taken part in the second Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC) held by SkyTeam. Flight CI753/CI754 operated between Taipei and Singapore as a sustainability demonstration flight, and successfully reduced its carbon emissions by 150 tons.

In an era where environmental concerns are paramount, China Airlines second flight of The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC) improved significantly over their performance in their first flight operation.

This commendable effort also earned them notable accolades, with the airline receiving the prestigious “Best Inflight Supply Chain” and “Best Adopted Solution” awards from SkyTeam.

Remarkable Milestone in Emissions Reduction

The success of China Airlines in the TSFC competition is quite remarkable. The carbon emissions reduction achieved—150 tons—translated to a staggering 1500% improvement over the previous year’s performance.

To put this into perspective, the environmental impact equates to planting a forest that spans an area as large as 375 basketball courts. Such an achievement not only speaks to the airline’s commitment but also serves as a significant contribution to the global efforts toward sustainability.


SkyTeam TSFC

The SkyTeam TSFC stands as an international platform for airlines to showcase their commitment to sustainability. In this global competition, China Airlines went head-to-head with 22 other airlines, totaling 72 flights.

This was not just about winning; it was about the exchange of knowledge and collaboration for the greater good.

China Airlines’ endeavors were lauded as it clinched two awards: “Best Inflight Supply Chain” and “Best Adopted Solution,” solidifying its reputation as a leader in sustainable aviation practices.

Redefining Inflight Sustainability

A pivotal aspect of China Airlines’ achievement lay in its inflight supply chain innovation. Collaborating closely with supply chain partners, the airline embarked on groundbreaking initiatives aimed at reducing plastic consumption and accounting for carbon emissions throughout the product lifecycle.

An exemplar of their commitment is the transformation of daily PET bottles and coffee dregs into eco-friendly woven goods and utensils. This holistic approach garnered them the well-deserved “Best Inflight Supply Chain” award.

Innovative Solutions Taking Flight

China Airlines’ commitment to sustainability goes beyond the confines of the aircraft. The introduction of “Dynasty Sky Reading,” offering passengers access to over a hundred publications for free downloads.

This pioneering initiative garnered praise from SkyTeam and will soon be adopted by other carriers, solidifying its recognition with the “Best Adopted Solution” award.

The recent sustainability demonstration flight by China Airlines was characterized by several pioneering features. Notably, the airline became the first Taiwan-based carrier to conduct a passenger-carrying flight using Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).

Additionally, all cabin classes had the privilege of indulging in a low-carbon plant-based meal curated by the Michelin Green Star restaurant “Yang Ming Spring.”

This culinary innovation received overwhelming support, with more than half of the passengers pre-booking the meal, indicating a significant shift in consumer preferences towards eco-conscious choices.

A Collective Effort Towards Net Zero

China Airlines’ commitment to sustainability extends even further, as evidenced by their “ECO Travel” program. This initiative aims to achieve “net zero” flights by making both passengers and cargo carbon neutral.

As part of their sustainability philosophy, the airline has meticulously planned and executed over a hundred eco-friendly and carbon-reducing initiatives, resulting in the successful implementation of up to 150 tons of carbon reductions—an unprecedented improvement of 1500% compared to the previous year.

A Legacy of Sustainability

Having gained international recognition, the airline has been consistently included in the DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) for an impressive seven years, securing the top position within the airline industry.

Multiple Sustainability Yearbook awards, including a promotion to the prestigious silver award, further solidify their dedication to sustainable practices.

This year, China Airlines achieved the remarkable feat of being in the top 1% of the Sustainability Yearbook 2023, a testament to their efforts in fostering a better future through collective action.

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