China Airlines launches new Taipei-Kumamoto route

A China Airlines A321neo receives a water cannon salute in Kumamoto.
Photo Credit: China Airlines

China Airlines has flown the inaugural service on its new Taipei-Kumamoto route, with plans to ramp up flights to the Kyushu region.

The airline plans to be operating twenty flights a week on the route by next year, becoming the carrier with the most frequent services to the region.

Service Ramp-up

China Airlines will initially operate two weekly flights on the Taipei-Kumamoto route, with departures every Monday and Friday.

Starting from December, the airline will then further enhance its service by introducing two additional flights on Thursdays and Sundays.

Photo Credit: China Airlines

This move will increase the frequency to four flights per week, ensuring travelers have ample options to plan their trips effectively.

In January 2024, China Airlines will kick off another exciting journey with an additional sixteen flights per week on the Taipei-Fukuoka route.


This expansion will bring their total weekly flights to Kyushu to twenty, solidifying their position as the airline with the most frequent services to this charming region.

A321neo Fleet

The Taipei-Kumamoto route will be serviced by the A321neo, a workhorse in China Airlines’ fleet for regional routes. Travelers aboard these flights can expect an additional surprise.

Passengers on the inaugural flight received special limited-edition gifts, including premium non-woven fabric carry bags and denim folding travel bags.

Additionally, each traveler was presented with a custom limited edition thermos and a local souvenir upon landing in Kumamoto.

Inaugural Service

Both Taoyuan Airport and Kumamoto Airport commemorated the inauguration of this new route on September 18, with traditional water salute ceremonies.

As a special treat, Kumamon, the official mascot of Kumamoto, greeted the arriving inaugural flight passengers. This cute and endearing mascot quickly captured the hearts of travelers, leaving them with cherished memories of their journey.

For travelers seeking seamless travel experiences, the Taipei-Kumamoto route serves as a valuable option. Departing from Taoyuan Airport at 14:25 local time, the outbound flight CI194 touches down at Kumamoto Airport at 17:30 local time.

The inbound journey, CI195, departs Kumamoto at 18:30 local time and returns to Taoyuan Airport at 19:45 Taiwan time.

 This convenient schedule positions Kumamoto as the perfect link between northern and southern Kyushu, thanks to its geographic location.

The Kumamoto Region

Kumamoto is renowned for its pristine mountains and rivers, creating a majestic natural backdrop that captivates travelers.

Additionally, the region offers a delightful culinary experience that tempts the taste buds of visitors. With the introduction of the Taipei-Kumamoto route, travelers gain a second arrival and departure option, complementing the existing Taipei-Fukuoka route.

This means that all of Kyushu’s major destinations are now within easy reach.

Pikachu Jet CI

The “Pikachu Jet CI” is a hit among both the young and old, and it is now joining the Kumamoto services. The inaugural flight will provide passengers with a taste of the excitement to come.

Once the winter schedule commences at the end of October, the “Pikachu Jet CI” will become a regular fixture on non-stop flights to Kumamoto. This adds an element of fun and nostalgia to the travel experience.

A Promising Future

Overall, China Airlines remains optimistic about global demand for passenger travel. Remarkably, passenger services have returned to 80% of pre-pandemic levels.

This resurgence in air travel is evident in their recent endeavors, such as the inauguration of the Taipei-Prague route and the launch of the Kaohsiung-Gimpo route with three weekly round-trip flights every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Furthermore, the Songshan-Fuzhou route is set to resume on September 22 with three weekly round-trip flights every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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