Challenge Group Launches New Dubai Freighter Service

A Challenge Group Boeing 747 freighter is loaded at Liège Airport.
Stephen Gauci, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Challenge Group is proud to announce the launch of a new scheduled freighter service connecting Liège (LGG) and Dubai World Central (DWC) with a stopover in Tel Aviv (TLV).

Kicking off on May 16th, the initial service will operate weekly on Thursdays, utilizing a B747F aircraft boasting a 120-ton capacity.

The frequency will double from June onwards, with additional flights on Tuesdays and Fridays operated by the Group’s Boeing 767-300BDSF aircraft.

This strategic expansion strengthens the connection between the Gulf, Europe, and the US, leveraging Challenge Group’s established Liège hub.

Meeting Growing Demand with Dedicated Cargo Capacity

Responding to the surge in customer demand within these key regions, Challenge Group will be offering a dedicated weekly cargo capacity of 100 tons departing Dubai.

Building upon their successful operation of Dubai charter flights throughout the pandemic, the company remains committed to providing bespoke end-to-end logistics solutions for a seamless customer experience.

Or Zak, Chief Commercial Officer at Challenge Group, highlights the company’s enthusiasm for this development.

“We are delighted to launch this new scheduled route, solidifying our dedication to meeting evolving customer needs with our expanding fleets of Boeing 747 and 767 freighters.”

“This initiative builds upon the success of our established Mumbai-Liège service, further solidifying our global presence.”

Expertise in Specialized Cargo Handling

The new service caters not only to general cargo but also to specialized shipments encompassing aircraft engines, live animals, pharmaceuticals, perishables, dangerous goods, high-tech products, and e-commerce items.

This comprehensive approach underscores Challenge Group’s well-established expertise in managing complex cargo types.

GSA GLOBAL CARGO LLC will oversee local operations in Dubai. This will ensure efficient capacity management and leveraging their local market knowledge.

A Challenge Group Boeing 747 freighter is loaded at Liège Airport.
Stephen Gauci, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Challenge Technic: Strategic Expansion in 2024

In related news, Challenge Technic, the MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) arm of Challenge Group, is gearing up for a strategic expansion throughout 2024.

This growth is highlighted by the addition of new aircraft to the Challenge Group fleet. It also sees the opening of a new maintenance station, and a broadening of their customer base.

The operation has solidified its reputation within the aircraft MRO sector over the past six years. Challenge Technic currently services over 35 airlines.

“Challenge Technic prioritizes maximizing flight hours for our clients,” says CEO and Accountable Manager, Erlingur Petur Ulfarsson.

“It ensuresminimal downtime due to our stellar reputation, rather than solely focusing on being the cheapest option.”

Landmark Year for Challenge Technic

The year 2024 promises to be a pivotal year for Challenge Technic, marked by several significant developments:

  • Fleet Expansion: The addition of three new aircraft to the Challenge Group fleet will significantly increase Challenge Technic’s maintenance workload.

To accommodate this growth, Challenge Technic will establish a new line station and an A-Check line in the hangar. This will see the recruitment of new staff members to manage the expanding operations.

  • New Customer Acquisitions: Challenge Technic forged partnerships with three new customers, bringing over nine new aircraft under their maintenance portfolio.

Among these was Leav Aviation GmbH, with two A320s entering maintenance at the Cologne, Germany hangar starting March 1, 2024.

  • Technological and Sustainability Advancements: Building upon the launch of Amos for workflow automation in 2023. Challenge Technic commits to continuous digital transformation with the implementation of a new activity-based system in 2024.

Electric vans are the latest addition to Challenge Technic’s sustainability initiatives. The implementation of waste recycling programs will take place in three countries, and energy-saving measures across all line stations.

  • Infrastructure Expansion: This caters to growing hangar space demands. A new large hangar capable of accommodating a B747 was scheduled for unveiling in April 2024.

This expansion will not only address customer needs but also pave the way for the introduction of new services.

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