Cebu Pacific selects P&W GTF engine to power 15 new Airbus aircraft

A Cebu Pacific Airbus A321neo parked on the tarmac.
Photo Credit: Cebu Pacific

Pratt & Whitney has been chosen by Philippines carrier Cebu Pacific Air to supply GTF engines for an additional five Airbus A320neo and ten A321neo aircraft.

In addition to the supply of engines, Pratt & Whitney will also provide Cebu Pacific with GTF engine maintenance through an EngineWise® Comprehensive service agreement.

Cebu Pacific & Pratt & Whitney’s History

According to Rick Deurloo, the president of Commercial Engines at Pratt & Whitney, the company has been supplying GTF power to Cebu Pacific since 2019.

“With deliveries for this most recent order starting in 2025, the GTF engine will provide even more fuel and carbon emissions savings,” noted Deurloo.

Cebu Pacific currently operates 33 A320neo family aircraft powered by GTF engines. Prior to using GTF power, Pratt & Whitney supplied JT8D engines for the airline’s DC-9 aircraft.

The partnership between Pratt & Whitney and Cebu Pacific dates back to the 1990s.

Michael B. Szucs, the chief executive officer of Cebu Pacific, observed that the Philippines airline is benefiting from reduced operating costs.

“We continue to grow the number of routes we offer to our passengers while benefitting from lower operating costs,” he stated. The Philippines carrier saw a record number of aircraft deliveries last year.

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“Lower operating costs are a key component for us to continue our growth and the substantial improvements in fuel burn are a part of our ongoing commitment to reduce our environmental footprint.”

Photo Credit: Kentaro Iemoto from Tokyo, Japan, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engine

The Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engine, which incorporates Collins Aerospace nacelle and engine accessories, is known for its exceptional fuel efficiency and sustainability advantages for single-aisle aircraft.

The engine’s innovative geared fan architecture serves as the foundation for future propulsion technologies that are even more efficient and sustainable, such as the Pratt & Whitney GTF Advantage™ engine and beyond.

Photo Credit: Pratt & Whitney

A high-bypass geared turbofan engine family produced by Pratt & Whitney, it is available in several variants to power various aircraft types, including Airbus A220, A320neo family, Embraer E-Jet E2 family, and Irkut MC-21.

The engine incorporates a unique gearbox system that decouples the fan from the core, allowing each to operate at its optimal speed. This results in:

  • Double-digit improvements in fuel burn: Up to 20% lower fuel consumption compared to previous generation engines, translating to significant cost savings and reduced emissions.
  • Reduced noise: Up to 75% quieter than previous engines, providing a more comfortable cabin experience and less noise pollution around airports.
  • Lower CO2 emissions: Up to 20% lower carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to a more sustainable aviation industry.

It engine has become the industry standard for new narrow-body aircraft and is expected to continue playing a leading role in the future of sustainable aviation.

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