Cathay Group to purchase 32 new narrowbody Airbus aircraft

Photo Credit: Cathay Group

The Cathay Group has announced its plan to acquire up to 32 new Airbus A321neo and A320neo aircraft for deployment to its carriers Cathay Pacific and HK Express.

This acquisition is part of the Group’s ongoing commitment to the growth and modernization of its fleet, along with the advancement of flight connectivity at the busy Hong Kong international aviation hub.

The proposed new bulk purchase will contribute to a significant increase in the Group’s new aircraft deliveries, solidifying its position in both the premium and low-cost passenger markets.

Cathay Pacific and HK Express

With anticipated deliveries slated for completion by 2029, these aircraft are destined to join the fleets of both Cathay Pacific and subsidiary low-cost carrier HK Express.

Their primary focus will be on serving various destinations across the Chinese Mainland and other key locations in Asia.

The move is in alignment with the Cathay Group’s forward-looking strategy, embracing the potential brought forth by the Three-Runway System, a project expected to propel the growth of the Hong Kong international aviation hub.


CEO Ronald Lam comments

Cathay Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Ronald Lam, expressed the company’s resolute commitment to shaping the future of the Group and the aviation hub in Hong Kong.

He highlighted the instrumental role that the Airbus A321neo and A320neo aircraft will play in enhancing the Group’s network expansion.

Lam’s strategic insight underscores the significance of these aircraft models in realizing the Group’s vision of becoming a global service leader.

Lam stated, “Our focus remains on delivering excellence to our customers and fostering growth for the Group. These aircraft models have consistently demonstrated their capabilities in bolstering our Chinese Mainland and regional network.”

“As we pursue our aspiration of becoming a premier service brand worldwide, we are unwavering in our dedication to elevating the customer experience. The advanced technology incorporated into these aircraft ensures a quieter, more comfortable, and fuel-efficient journey for our valued passengers.”

A Continuation of Success

Building on the foundation of its earlier accomplishments, the Cathay Group has already taken delivery of 13 Airbus A321neos from its initial order of 32, placed back in 2017.

This new intention to purchase an additional 32 single-aisle Airbus aircraft further solidifies the Group’s position as a key player in the aviation sector.

About HK Express

HK Express is a Hong Kong–based low-cost airline fully owned by Cathay Pacific Airways. It was founded in 2004 by Stanley Ho and began operations in 2006. HK Express flies to over 60 destinations in Asia, including mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

HK Express is a budget airline, which means that it offers lower fares than traditional airlines. However, it also charges for things like checked luggage, seat selection, and food and drinks.

The subsidiary carrier has a fleet of 28 Airbus A320 aircraft, and continues to operate with a good safety record.

In 2019, HK Express was acquired by Cathay Pacific Airways. This acquisition was seen as a way for Cathay Pacific to expand its low-cost offerings and compete with other budget airlines in Asia.

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