Cathay Cargo rebranding is launched

A Cathay Cargo Boeing 747 freighter aircraft on the runway.
Photo Credit: Cathay Cargo

Cathay has announced the launch of Cathay Cargo, a rebrand of its cargo business, and a change of name from Cathay Pacific Cargo.

The change aligns with the airline’s overarching brand redesign, and the airline says that the move “reinforces the existing strong brand association and perceptions held by its customers.”

The rebranding move comes with the progressive lifting of border restrictions and the progressive return to pre-pandemic air traffic levels globally.

Cathay Pacific operates cargo services out of the world’s busiest international air hub of Hong Kong.

Positioning the brand

Cathay Cargo is united behind Cathay’s vision to become one of the world’s greatest service brands, and it plans to carry that branding message through its world-class air cargo network.

Shipping directly to more than 70 destinations worldwide, Cathay Cargo is committed to advancing the development of all destination countries served by Cathay’s more than 200 aircraft.

Group Chief Executive Officer Ronald Lam said: “Cathay’s cargo business has played a vital role in the success of the Cathay Group since 1946, when we carried our first shipment between China and Australia.”

“Our cargo services operate out of our home base of Hong Kong, which is also the world’s busiest international air cargo hub.”

“This is an opportune moment to align our cargo business with the master brand as we continue our cargo investments in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area for a promising future.”

“This rebrand reflects our Cargo business’ commitment to the same ‘Move Beyond’ ambition as the Group, while building on a strength that the Cathay brand has long been known for – offering leading-edge services to our customers.”

Reflecting this commitment to invest, the carrier has recently introduced a number of exciting refreshed solutions, including Cathay Priority and Cathay Pharma. Cathay Mail is scheduled for a refresh in March.

These services cater to the respective burgeoning demands by customers for effective temperature-sensitive solutions, and efficient and reliable delivery solutions with new digital technology that better meets the requirements for shipment visibility, reliability and speed.

Director Cargo Tom Owen said: “Cathay Cargo continues to innovate new solutions, services and technology for customers as we build towards being one of the world’s greatest service brands.”

“Continued investment in technology and logistics will solidify our position as a leading player in the industry.”

Technology investment

Cathay Cargo has invested in technology in recent years. This includes Ultra Track, a multi-dimensional track-and-trace service that gives customers near-real-time information on the airport-to-airport leg of the shipment journey. The system uses low-energy Bluetooth data-loggers.

The carrier also utilises Click & Ship, an intuitive online booking service available 24/7 with instant processing and confirmation.

As part of its rebranding campaign, the website has also been revamped to reflect the brand ethos, and enable users to easily access popular features such as booking, track and trace, and flight availability.

Cathay Cargo say that they will announce more exciting initiatives in the coming months as the company works toward a complete rebrand.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
4 Min Read
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