Cathay Cargo Breakthrough with IATA ONE Record Protocol

A Cathay Cargo 747 freighter on the taxiway
Photo Credit: Cathay Cargo

Cathay Cargo has forged an alliance with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) to pilot a scheme that promises to reshape the future of intermodal shipments.

The focus of this innovative partnership is the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Logistics Park in Dongguan, situated within the Greater Bay Area (GBA).

This initiative is set to transform the logistics landscape by making use of IATA’s ONE Record data protocols.

Notably, this collaboration has marked a significant milestone by offering ONE Record data protocols for sea-to-air shipments, a first of its kind, which includes security status updates and cargo acceptance beyond the origin airport’s cargo terminal.

ONE Record

At the heart of this transformative project lies IATA’s ONE Record initiative, designed to bring end-to-end transparency to consignments as they traverse the intricate web of supply chain links.

This comprehensive system allows for real-time tracking and progress logging from the shipper to the agent, airline, warehouse, and even customs authorities, all while adhering to IATA’s meticulously crafted API protocols.


A Cathay Pacific Cargo Boeing 747 freighter aircraft on the ground.
Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

These protocols facilitate secure data sharing, a pivotal step in advancing the efficiency and security of cargo shipments.

Tom Owen, Director of Cargo at Cathay, expressed his excitement over this pioneering pilot scheme, highlighting Cathay Cargo’s trailblazing role in digitalizing systems in preparation for ONE Record’s full-scale implementation in 2026.

He emphasized how ONE Record opens up new possibilities, such as the introduction of services like Ultra Track, and enables various use cases yet to be explored fully.

The project also showcased ONE Record’s flexibility by accepting cargo from an upstream cargo terminal and logging its journey by sea, an unprecedented achievement.

The state-of-the-art Cathay Cargo Terminal facility in Dongguan played a pivotal role in the success of this initiative, offering innovative solutions and technology poised to benefit all stakeholders involved in intermodal cargo operations in the GBA.

The Pioneering Pilot Scheme

The pilot scheme witnessed air-cargo shipments destined for Bangkok, Manila, and Tokyo, originating from forwarder Yusen Logistics, being accepted at the Cathay Cargo Terminal in Dongguan.

This marked a significant milestone, registering acceptance at this location within the ONE Record system.

As the bonded shipments were unloaded for export at HKIA, the system generated data notices to signify these crucial developments.

From that point, the shipments embarked on a journey that triggered the standard ONE Record shipment milestones, culminating in their collection by the eventual consignees.

Exterior of Cathay Cargo Terminal building.
Photo Credit: Cathay Cargo

Yusen Logistics had real-time visibility into this process by accessing their one-stop digital cargo-management system, EzyCargo™.

The user-friendly interface, developed by Global Logistics System (GLS) HK Co Ltd, a pioneer in IATA ONE Record technologies, played a vital role in tracking the cargo’s journey.

Cyrus Chan, Manager of the Air Freight Forwarding Division at Yusen, pointed out the immense potential of ONE Record in enhancing collaboration among supply chain stakeholders.

Particularly for shipments originating from the GBA, it promises to elevate visibility for their customers, adding that ONE Record is on its way to becoming the global standard.

ONE Record’s Global Impact

This pilot scheme underscores the effectiveness and transparency of the IATA ONE Record protocol.

Its dynamic approach is set to expand options for air-cargo shipments originating from Dongguan and, once fully established, from other origin points within the GBA, which is considered Cathay Cargo’s extended home market.

Max Xie, Regional Vice President North Asia for IATA, extended his congratulations to Cathay Cargo, Airport Authority Hong Kong, and other partners for the successful pilot.

He highlighted how this initiative elevates ONE Record to a new level, demonstrating the protocol’s efficacy in supporting the intermodal transport of cargo.

When fully implemented, this will further strengthen Hong Kong’s status as a key air-cargo hub.

Cissy Chan, Executive Director, Commercial at AAHK, also shared her enthusiasm for this collaborative endeavor, emphasizing the importance of digitalization in enhancing operational efficiency within today’s complex supply chain landscape.

She pledged that AAHK will continue to leverage the community-based HKIA Cargo Data Platform to drive digital transformation, solidifying HKIA’s position as a leading smart aviation hub.

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