Caribbean Airlines to boost Eastern Caribbean connectivity

A Caribbean Airlines Bowing 737 on approach to land.
Fabrizio Gandolfo, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Caribbean Airlines has recently announced its plan for expansion in the Eastern Caribbean region. This strategic move aims to further strengthen the airline’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and convenience in the region.

The carrier has unveiled new non-stop services as well as increased capacity on existing services.

Increased services and easier island-hopping

Starting from July 24, Caribbean Airlines will introduce new non-stop services between Barbados and St. Vincent, as well as St. Lucia.

This expansion includes a significant increase in the Barbados to St. Vincent route, with the number of weekly services rising to 7.

Additionally, 4 new weekly flights will connect Barbados and St. Lucia, providing travelers with more options.

For those looking to explore multiple destinations, direct St. Lucia to St. Vincent return flights will operate on Thursdays, making island-hopping a breeze.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, the increased services offered by Caribbean Airlines will enable you to conveniently explore the beauty of the Eastern Caribbean.


Strengthening connectivity

Caribbean Airlines recognizes the importance of connectivity across the region and is committed to providing seamless travel experiences.

In line with this commitment, the airline is boosting its capacity to Dominica and Grenada, ensuring that travelers can easily reach their desired destinations.

To cater to the growing demand for travel options, Caribbean Airlines will utilize its ATR-72 fleet, which consists of nine aircraft, to operate these routes.

The airline’s focus on strategic additions and the deployment of appropriate resources further demonstrates its dedication to meeting the needs of its customers.

New services: Trinidad, Dominica, Antigua, and beyond

As part of its ongoing commitment to the Eastern Caribbean, Caribbean Airlines has more exciting developments in store.

Beginning August 23, customers will enjoy new services between Trinidad, Dominica, and Antigua on Wednesdays and Sundays. This expansion not only connects these destinations but also opens up even more direct travel options from Barbados to Ogle, Guyana.

Furthermore, there will be additional flights from Trinidad to St. Vincent and Grenada, providing enhanced connectivity across the region.

Caribbean Airlines understands the importance of frequent and reliable air travel options for both business and leisure travelers, and these new services are a testament to their dedication to meeting these needs.

CEO statement

Garvin Medera, CEO of Caribbean Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm for the expanded schedule, recognizing the demand for increased frequency and capacity between Caribbean destinations.

He stated, “We are excited to progress our plans for regional connectivity. By adjusting our strategies and route network to connect these destinations, we can provide more sustainable travel options for our customers.”


This expansion into the Eastern Caribbean solidifies Caribbean Airlines’ growth trajectory and affirms its position as the leading carrier in the region.

Travelers can look forward to more seamless travel experiences, greater convenience, and increased opportunities to explore the diverse and captivating destinations within the Eastern Caribbean.

In short, the order of the day seems to be enhancing connectivity and convenience, with the new non-stop services, increased capacity, and strategic route additions.

By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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