Canada’s Flair Airlines opens Calgary base

A Flair Airlines Boeing 737 on the taxiway.
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Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier, Flair Airlines, will be establishing a new base in the city and at the airport of Calgary (YYC). The new base will bring more jobs to the city whilst Flair continues their expansion, further disrupting the Canadian aviation market with ultra-low fares.

In addition to the new base establishment, Flair Airlines is to add four new routes from the hub, with three based aircraft to be seen and stationed by July of this year.

The company will also incorporate a maintenance facility including a hangar by the same time.

Calgary expansion

On May 2, Flair Airlines announced their expansion into Calgary and Calgary Int’l Airport (YYC), adding four new destinations and creating over 100 more jobs to the region.

The expansion demonstrates the airline’s significant growth and disruption to the Canadian aviation market with the lowest fares currently available.

The new Calgary base of operations is a significant investment of both resources and personnel, further showcasing Flair’s continued growth in Canada with its ultra-low fare and cost model.

The base is set to feature three aircraft together with a maintenance facility and hangar, all by July 2023, thus creating close to 150 vacant jobs for both ground staff and air crew, as well as pilots. The airline also disclosed that there are plans for further expansion.


The presence of Flair Airlines in Calgary is expected to lower the cost of air fares in the region, thus giving more options to Canadian travellers.

The company has reportedly seen a positive economical impact according to new data, which estimates roughly 5,800 jobs were previously created as a result of unwavering support to the airline and their activity in the market.

With the new base in Calgary, new route services will also follow, and the company appears to have chosen known destinations for their initial launch out of the base. With this, Flair will be serving the following from Calgary after launch:

  • London, Ontario (YXU) – Launches in July
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS) – Launches this fall
  • Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) – Launches this fall
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PVR) – Launches this fall.


On the announcement of its new base, Flair President and CEO, Stephen Jones, stated the following: “Our relationship with Calgary International Airport will continue to provide benefits to Albertans who have been paying far too much for air travel.”

“We know our presence in Calgary results in lower fares, more options for Canadian travellers, and strong economic activity in the region. We’re proud of our growing crew in Calgary and grateful to the community for supporting us as we establish our Calgary base.”

The City of Calgary Deputy Mayor, Courtney Walcott, also commented on the Flair expansion, and said: “This announcement further cements Calgary as an accessible city in a variety of ways.”

“With the addition of a new Flair Airlines base in YYC, more Calgarians will be able to travel to places where they can spend their money at their destination, rather than on how they got there.”

“With affordability top of mind for Calgarians, the addition of Flair Airlines to Calgary International Airport (YYC) couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Last to comment is Bob Sartor, President and CEO of the Calgary Airport Authority, who also welcomed Flair, further saying: “We are excited to welcome Flair’s Calgary operational base to YYC Calgary International Airport.”

“This decision illustrates the strength of the Calgary market. We look forward to continuing to support our partners’ growth and be a vital economic driver for the city, region and aviation industry.”

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