CAE to Provide Akasa Air Boeing 737 MAX Pilot Training

Photo: Akasa Air Boeing 737 MAX8 Concept, credit: Akasa Air
Photo: Akasa Air Boeing 737 MAX8 Concept, credit: Akasa Air

Akasa Air, India’s fastest growing airline, has signed a landmark 15-year agreement with global aviation training leader CAE.

This strategic partnership ensures Akasa Air’s pilots will receive the industry’s best training using CAE’s cutting-edge facilities and expert instructors in India.

Under the long-term agreement, the training provider will provide Boeing 737MAX pilot training at its facilities.

Securing Long Term Pilot Training Services

This collaboration strengthens Akasa Air’s dedication to fostering a highly skilled pilot force. The agreement will leverage CAE’s advanced full-flight simulators and immersive training programs.  

The partnership extends beyond the initial training program. Since Akasa Air’s launch in 2022, CAE has provided the airline with a robust training foundation.

This long-term agreement ensures continued access to these world-class resources, empowering the airline to develop a future-proof pilot team well-equipped to navigate the dynamic aviation industry.

Photo Credit: CAE

“We are thrilled to solidify our partnership with CAE,” said Vinay Dube, Founder and CEO of Akasa Air.

“This collaboration allows us to leverage their expertise and cutting-edge facilities, ensuring our pilots receive the best training possible.”

Nick Leontidis, CAE’s Group President, Civil Aviation, echoed this sentiment: “This agreement reflects the exceptional quality of our training and the strong bond we’ve built with Akasa Air in a short time.”

“With our established presence in India, CAE is perfectly positioned to support the growth of airlines like Akasa Air.”

CAE Presence in India

CAE has a long and significant presence in India, operating 13 state-of-the-art simulators in three commercial aviation training centres.

It provides essential pilot training and training services to national airlines. Last year, CAE became a Boeing Authorized Training Provider for Boeing’s Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA) curriculum in India.

Both Akasa Air and CAE share a commitment to sustainable practices. Notably, CAE became the first carbon-neutral aerospace company in Canada in 2020. This dedication to environmental responsibility further aligns with Akasa Air’s vision for the future of aviation.


Established in 2022, the airline has quickly gained recognition for its focus on building a world-class pilot team.

This partnership with CAE underscores Akasa Air’s dedication to pilot training. By leveraging CAE’s cutting-edge technology and experienced instructors, Akasa Air ensures its pilots receive the most comprehensive training available.

This commitment directly translates to enhanced safety standards for passengers, a core value for the Indian carrier.

Looking ahead, Akasa Air anticipates significant growth in its fleet size. Like other airlines in the post-pandemic era, it needs to build a skilled pilot base to support expansion.

This long-term agreement with CAE guarantees access to the resources needed to train future pilots and maintain a highly skilled workforce.

An evident culture of commitment to continuous improvement also positions the carrier for long-term success in the evolving aviation landscape.

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