Brussels Airlines Takes Flight with Skywings Pilot Training Program

A Brussels Airlines cadet pilot in a Skywings aircraft
Photo Credit: Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is excited to announce a collaborative effort with Skywings Flight Training, an Antwerp-based academy.

This innovative program breaks new ground by allowing the carrier to recruit aspiring pilots ahead of their training.

Skywings will ensure these future aviators receive top-notch training that meets the carrier’s high standards. The customised training will familiarize them with the airline’s specific procedures.

Growth on the Horizon for Brussels Airlines…

Brussels Airlines is experiencing a period of significant expansion. The carrier is seeing new aircraft joining their fleet and further destinations being added to their network.

To support this growth, the airline is actively seeking talented individuals across various roles.

Fast-Track to the Cockpit: The Multi Pilot Licence Program

To expedite the onboarding process for first officers, Brussels Airlines has joined forces with Skywings Flight Training. This partnership has resulted in the creation of a unique “Multi Pilot Licence-program.” Here’s how it works:

  • Early Recruitment: The airline and Skywings team up to recruit aspiring pilots even before their training begins.
  • Efficient Training: Throughout the program, cadets begin working towards a Multi Pilot Licence (MPL). This is essential for operating the multi-pilot aircraft that make up Brussels Airlines’ entire fleet.
  • Real-World Preparation: As well as classroom learning, pilot candidates will gain valuable experience through simulator training. They will become thoroughly familiar with the operational procedures of Belgium’s national airline.

Transition to Brussels Airlines

Upon successful completion of the program, these highly trained pilots can seamlessly join Brussels Airlines. Their first operational step will be as first officers on the A319 and A320 fleet.

This innovative approach eliminates the need for a lengthy selection process or additional Ab Initio training within the airline.

Stakeholder Comments

This collaboration offers significant advantages for all parties involved, as Filip Aerts, Head of Flight Operations at Brussels Airlines, explains.

“This partnership is a true win-win for everyone. The flight training becomes more accessible for the candidates, providing a fast track to a rewarding career at Brussels Airlines.”

“Simultaneously, it allows us to streamline the training process and welcome new colleagues on board much sooner.”

Pieter Brantegem, Chief Commercial Officer at Skywings Flight Training, echoes this sentiment.

“Through our partnership with Brussels Airlines, Skywings Flight Training is thrilled to offer a Multi Pilot License program that transforms aspiring pilots into professional aviators in just 19 months.”

“Together, we are committed to providing exceptional training and ensuring a smooth transition for our graduates into their careers at Brussels Airlines.”

Ready to Take Off?

Interested candidates can apply for the MPL training program through the airline’s job website.

The program kicks off this autumn, with the first batch of graduates taking to the skies for Brussels Airlines in 2026.

Open House Day

For those curious about this exciting opportunity, Brussels Airlines is hosting an open house day for interested candidates at their Zaventem headquarters ( on Sunday, May 5th.


Brussels Airlines, the flag carrier of Belgium, is a forward-thinking airline committed to providing exceptional air travel experiences.

Their focus on growth and expansion is evident in their ever-growing fleet and the addition of exciting new destinations to their network.

The airline actively cultivates a talented workforce. This is exemplified by their innovative partnership with Skywings Flight Training, a program designed to cultivate the next generation of pilots.

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