British Airways trials new Digital Wayfinding Tool at Heathrow

The new British Airways Heathrow app on a mobile phone.
Photo Credit: British Airways
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In a bid to enhance customer experience and streamline airport navigation, British Airways has initiated a trial of a new digital wayfinding tool at London Heathrow.

The innovative technology presents interactive maps for both Terminal 5 and Terminal 3, offering passengers a seamless and stress-free journey from check-in to boarding.

The British Airways Wayfinding Tool

The newly introduced wayfinding tool at London Heathrow allows passengers to confidently navigate the airport with ease. By providing clear directions and essential information about the airport’s layout, travelers can now save valuable time and minimize the risk of missing their flights.

Interactive maps and Points of Interest

Passengers using the digital wayfinding tool can access interactive maps displaying various points of interest throughout the airport, such as shops, lounges, and restaurants. These maps allow travelers to locate their departure gates efficiently while exploring the diverse amenities available.

Photo Credit: British Airways

Detailed information on Points of Interest

The tool also grants users access to detailed information about specific areas of interest. For instance, passengers can click on shops to discover their locations, operating hours, and available products. This feature ensures that customers stay informed and make the most of their time at the airport.


Convenient locators for amenities

With the wayfinding tool, finding essential amenities like bathrooms, seating areas, and information points has never been easier. Travelers can effortlessly locate these facilities, enhancing their comfort throughout their journey.

Streamlined assistance for connecting flights

For customers with connecting flights, the wayfinding tool offers an option to input the details of their inbound and connecting flights.

In response, the tool provides step-by-step instructions through an animated map, guiding passengers from their arrival gate to their departure gate for the connecting flight.

Accessing the Wayfinding Tool

British Airways aims to make the wayfinding tool accessible and user-friendly for all passengers at London Heathrow.

QR Code Scanning

Passengers can conveniently access the wayfinding tool by scanning QR codes displayed on digital screens throughout the airport. This allows for quick and hassle-free navigation assistance.

Online Access

Travelers can also visit to access the digital wayfinding tool. This online platform provides easy access to the interactive maps and vital information about the airport.

To ensure widespread use and convenience, British Airways has sent links to the wayfinding tool to customers arriving at London Heathrow from various destinations, including New York JFK, Dubai, Mexico City, Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth, and Houston.

Positive outlook

Calum Laming, Chief Customer Officer of British Airways, has expressed his enthusiasm for the wayfinding tool trial. He emphasizes the airline’s dedication to providing top-notch customer service and ensuring that airport travel is as smooth as possible for all passengers.

Despite the introduction of this innovative technology, the airline’s staff will continue to be readily available to assist passengers whenever necessary.

Elsewhere, British Airways has also rolled out digital baggage receipts in the app, allowing customers to generate an easily assessable digital bag receipt, in addition to the physical copy printed at the airport.

Through the app, customers at London Heathrow also now receive notifications when their bag has reached the arrivals hall.

The notification includes which baggage carousel customers can collect their bag from, providing an improved seamless experience from the moment they land in London, through the airport to their onward journey.

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